AJ Hinch and Alex Cora are back in baseball???

After the 2019 World Series an article came out bashing the Houston Astros saying they cheated in the entirety of the 2017 season. They used a camera in center field to steal opposing catchers signs and relayed to the Astros dugout. With the opposing signs they banged a trash can twice if an offspeed pitch was coming and no bangs if fastball. You would think this could only be done at their home field but they found a way to do it on the road. A.J. Hinch was the manager from 2015 to 2019 when he was suspended, Hinch knew about the sign stealing the whole time and he did nothing to stop it. Alex Cora was the bench coach in the 2017 season and is thought to have designed the Astros’ entire sign-stealing scheme. Cora went on to win another world Series as the manager of the Boston Red Sox. Both coaches were suspended for a year and the Astros were fined and were stripped from a draft pick tha year. I believe this is a slap in the wrist for cheating. They should have gotten multi-year suspension for what they did. They are back in the league just like that like nothing ever happened.
This affected other teams too. The Astros beat the Dodgers and they felt like they were cheated out of their first World Series in over 30 years. They beat the Yankees in the ALCS and the Yanks were hot tht year. I felt like they could’ve beat the Dodgers that year. This cheating scandal also gave an Astro player MVP, stealing the MVP from Aaron Judge. As a Yankee fan, I was not pleased with anything that happened in the last 4 years. And also as a baseball fan hearing a team cheated for a championship is disgraceful and they need a life ban from baseball.
Hinch is now with the Detrot Tigers and Cora is back with the Red Sox which both teams need some advantage because they are so bad.