The Drag King Phenomenon

And a look into The Boulet Brothers Dragula

The Drag King Phenomenon

Beck Iannucci

Drag queens are frequently featured in reality tv, leaving out their lesser known brothers. Drag kings haven’t been in the mainstream spotlight until 2019 when The Boulet Brothers Dragula brought Landon Cider into their horror competition.

Dragula gives new drag fans a further look into the drag community. Drag races, like RuPaul’s Drag Race, feature glam looks. But the drag community is diverse. Like every community there are so many variations from person to person. Everyone has their own makeup and clothing style. Not to mention the hand-made pieces! I never get tired of looking at the process of hand-making clothes and wigs. These talented people all need their time to shine.

Dragula has not only allowed drag kings, but also afab queens — something that RuPaul doesn’t seem too happy about. Despite her unwillingness to allow these queens, Dragula have welcomed them with open arms, creating a safe environment for all. 

The presence of Landon on Dragula was an accomplishment to begin with, but he moved on to take the crown! This win has opened up people’s eyes. I, myself, was unaware that drag kings existed before I stumbled upon this show and started looking into it. I was never a big fan of fem drag. That’s not to say it doesn’t take a huge amount of talent and work — but it didn’t draw me in the same way Dragula has. Horror and filth mixed with the existence of masculine and androgynous drag is more my style. The presence of Landon Cider has opened the eyes of a huge group of people, not just myself. His win is the start to a new drag era — a more accepting one.