Beck Rates: the Rainbow Run


Beck Iannucci

rainbow mask — 10/10

Absolutely love. Can I have a lifetime supply? Thanks.

tshirts — 9/10

I wish they had more color. The color to throw on them is washable so I might tie-dye it later. Cute, simple, and to the point.


Made a mess when I threw it on myself. 8/10. Running through it was a 10/10 though. It was so much fun and I felt like a superhero. Again, I wish it was more permanent and some of the color stained my arms but I don’t mind.

phone wallet — 8/10

It’s useful but I wish it had more color. I’m going to paint some rainbows around the logo before I put it on my phone.

gift card — 10/10

I love reading and I’ve never been to this store before. I love an excuse to get more books, thanks.

mini American flags — 10/10

I feel like you can’t ever have enough flags. I’m gonna put it in the flower pot near my front door.

location — 10/10

I appreciated the different places available. One was near my best friend’s house so I got to stop by and say hi. I hope some other people were able to get together with friends for the run.

times available — 10/10

There was nothing too early which I appreciated. This gave me time to run some errands before the run.

overall experience — 10/10

I had a great time! Pride was put on hold this year because of the virus. This felt like a nice substitute. I will be participating again next year!