the dumpster fire that is Trisha Paytas


Beck Iannucci

TW: homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, anti-semitism, rasicm, cultural appropriation, and disability discrimination 

It seems that Trisha is now done mocking minorities and instead wants to insult sixteen year olds on TikTok.

Charli D’Amelio, a TikTok dancer with a huge following, was cancelled for joking about wanting more followers and making a joke about not liking a chef’s cooking. Trisha decided to make over a dozen TikTok insulting Charli saying that Charli has bad manners. And? She’s a sixteen year old girl with a hundred million followers. She’s young and hasn’t had a following before. She’s trying to figure it out. All she said was she’d rather have chicken nuggets to the chef. Are we really cancelling a teenager over chicken nuggets?

Before this, Trisha talked about she ¨chose to be gay¨ and now she´s ¨choosing to be straight¨. But that´s not all. She also stated that she ¨doesn´t believe in bisexuality¨. Whether or not you ¨believe in¨ queer people doesn´t matter. We aren´t unicorns or magical story book creatures. You can´t just chalk minorities up to I don´t want them to exist so they don´t. It doesn´t work that way. Then, during pride month she decides to be bisexual again by dancing to a song about bisexuality and claiming she is.

Next she attacks the queer community by pretending to be trans for views. I wish I was joking. All the ignorant cis people in her comments were validating her “coming out” and insulting trans people who tried to educate them. Hey man, when a community is being targeted, lets listen to members of that community. Her saying she thinks it ¨would be easier to be a man¨ doesn´t mean she´s trans. Thinking men are privileged doesn´t mean you´re a man. But that´s basic common sense. Trisha has claimed to be bi, then a lesbian, a gay trans man, and now she uses she/they pronouns even though she said they/them is fake. This isn´t her having trouble figuring out her identity. If it was, she could get diagnosed by a gender therapist with the millions of dollars she has. Or she wouldn´t immediately trash bisexuality after figuring out she wasn´t bi. Why would you say something doesn´t exist if it has nothing to do with you? Huh? Really what´s happening is she sees queer groups creating more and more safe spaces and takes this as popularity. There is a rise of nonbinary people coming out so she considers it a trend and hops on it.

She did the same exact thing back in March when she went after the DID community. Trisha pretending to have DID made a mockery of a serious mental illness.

Look, I don’t have DID so I can’t even begin to imagine their hardships, but I’m trying to understand. Instead of mocking people with mental illnesses, we should try to understand what their daily life is like by learning some of the basic facts. DID is a severe form of  PTSD where alters form to protect the host from the traumatic memory.

A YouTuber with DID made this educational video:

They can explain things better than me so you should give it a watch.

A YouTuber who interviews different groups, named Anthony Padilla interviewed people with DID and the video got to the trending page. A few days later Trisha says she has DID and explains the illness wrong. Then she puts out a video of ¨proof¨ that she has DID. It’s her at the refrigerator and then she freaks out in an over dramatic reaction to her alter´s ¨appearance¨.

But that´s not all. Trisha specifically insulted one of the people Anthony interviewed. Here are the videos they made about the situation:

Yup, there’s still more. Trisha has a racist past that is still continuing. You can even argue that she´s changed from her black face scandal years ago and the times she said the n-word. She has taken to TikTok to be anti-semitic and appropriate cultures. This is more than her getting box braids.

Trisha has fetishized Jewish people and their culture on multiple occasions, claiming she is now Jewish quite a few times. On TikTok she has come under fire for spreading misinformation on Jewish culture and religious practices as well as the fact that she has joked about Hitler numerous times.

Here are some Jewish creators talking about these offenses:

and some more of Trisha’s appropriation and misinformation TikToks:

Now that the year is ending, lets start 2021 without giving Trisha a platform to continue this horrendous behavior. Thanks.

Here are some of the other clips I referenced: