5 Reasons To Love Remote Learning!

5 Reasons To Love Remote Learning!

Talia Gardner

5)  No matter the year, lunch and free periods are always a struggle. If you’re an underclassman you have to squimidge to find something edible in the cafeteria. Freshman and Sophmores always get excited to finally be able to leave for lunch when they become a junior only to realize it takes about an hour to find a parking spot when you get back! Being at home is great for lunch and free periods because you can enjoy lunch leisurely in your home and maybe even with a family member! You don’t have to worry about leaving enough time to get back to school and find a parking spot so you don’t miss your next class!  


4) As we all know, the classic small talk when you are barely friends with someone in a class is “I’m so cold” or “I’m so hungry.” While this is often just something people say to fill an awkward silence in class, I find it’s actually true a lot of the time in school. Personally, I am ALWAYS cold in school however the rest of the class always seems to be sweating and need the AC on. In the winter I am constantly wearing my winter coat in class. Also, when I am rushed, which is most days, and don’t have the time to eat breakfast, I’m always starving come second period. If you’re hungry you can grab a snack, If you’re cold you can just grab a sweatshirt! It’s great!  


3) I can’t even keep count of the amount of times I’ve forgotten something I needed at home. Whether it’s a sheet of homework I left on my desk, or even just a pencil. While these  are minor things, it is comforting to know that you can’t really “forget” anything when you’re at home.


2) I personally think it’s really funny to watch what my family does all day. In previous years, my dad would go to work all day and my mom would work with clients outside of the house. Though having all three of us work from home is extremely chaotic, it’s actually very interesting. For example, I always hear my dad on work phone calls or my mom on the phone with a client. Sometimes I’ve even caught them talking about me!  I realized after a couple days I really never knew exactly what either of their jobs were. This led to a lot of questions and interesting conversations about what they do. I just find it very interesting to see what an everyday work day is like for my parents!


1) Remote Wednesdays are awesome! First of all, many teachers in the school  have made Wednesdays “office hours” or “catch up days”. This has been extremely helpful for me. I find when I’m at home, it’s often difficult to focus. Having this catch up day where I can ask my teachers any questions or to go over certain things has benefited me a lot. Also, having shortened periods is very nice. Even though they’re only 10 minutes less, it still does feel like a big difference for me. Lastly, getting dismissed at 1:30! You practically still have the whole day to enjoy yourself. It gives students the ability to maybe go on a walk or relax for a little before having to start homework!


Overall, doing school remotely is not ideal for anyone. However, there are many positives to it that we can appreciate!