Celebrations Erupt in Cities Globally Following the 2020 Election

maya egan

On Saturday, November 7th, CNN and other news networks were finally able to project the 2020 president-elect: Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden. The celebrations following Biden’s win were not contained to American borders, with many countries worldwide showing their support towards Biden in various ways. As Covid-19 cases continue to surge globally, many wonder whether these celebrations will cause another surge of cases, and others are left posing the question: What is considered appropriate and inappropriate behavior during a global pandemic? 

Celebrations in New York City erupted immediately following the announcement that Joe Biden will be our next president. The citizens of the Big Apple flooded the streets with music, dancing, and singing. Thousands of people cumulatively celebrated in major areas within the city: Times Square, Brooklyn, Washington Square Park, Prospect Park, etc. The combination of the beautiful fall weather and the breaking news gave New Yorkers the perfect opportunity to celebrate Biden’s win in Trump’s hometown.

These celebrations take place in the infamous democratic city of New York and other cities, including Denver, Austin, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and more. In LA, many celebrities celebrated from their cars while driving through West Hollywood. Some celebrities that celebrated include John Legend, Crissy Teigen, and Madison Beer. Celebrations even took place in the red state of Florida in Miami. Across the pond in London, Edinburgh, and Berlin, numerous fireworks displays engulfed the sky following the democratic win. Many claim that this wasn’t just a major victory in the United States, but also all over the world.

In a world without Covid, these celebrations would be picturesque, with most of them being peaceful and a way to unify people around the country, but it is important to remember that Covid is still a prevalent threat. Nearly six months ago, thousands of New Yorkers died each day due to Covid complications. Although these numbers have obviously faltered, the threat of resurgence is still pressing, and these large gatherings may be a Covid superspreader. Although nearly every individual at these gatherings wore a mask, there was still very little social distancing taking place. I fully understand that Saturday was a historic day. Still, a second wave to New York City would be devastating for the people living there, the businesses in the city, and the economy as a whole. If you went to one of these celebrations and have any symptoms of Covid, it is quintessential to quarantine and continue social distancing from those around you in order to lessen the spread of Covid.