Europe shuts down as it breaks COVID-19 records

Nicolas Read

France orders lockdown to slow COVID-19 spread | CIDRAP

As the second COVID-19 wave hits the globe, 2 countries are feeling the brunt of it. In Italy, cases have reached the highest it has ever been in terms of infections and death, leading to the nation to lock down last Friday. In some places, the lockdown has gotten to extreme measures with people only being allowed to leave for necessities, health, and work in Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Calabria. Italy reported 35,505 new cases and 445 deaths on Thursday, breaking previous records.

Next door in France, cases are reaching even higher levels, with the country having the most cases in Europe at 1.6 million. From Friday, delivery, take out and alcohol sales have been prohibited from 10pm to 6am, preparing for the next big wave of coronavirus. 

Denmark to Cull Entire Mink Population as COVID Mutation Spreads to Humans  |

This causes more concern in Europe as a whole as Denmark, a country known for its mink farming, revealed that a mutated form of COVID-19 has been seen in its mink population. The country has ordered for the extermination of every mink, which is up to 17 million in Denmark alone. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen cited a government report which said the mutated virus had been found to weaken the body’s ability to form antibodies, potentially making the vaccines under development for COVID-19 potentially dangerous. Although the possible danger of this new mutated form of COVID-19 being spread, there is a silver lining as the culling of minks will lead to the shutting down of mink farming as soon as 2021, something that was planned to happen in 2025. The mink farming industry is extremely cruel so this will be a very important victory for animal’s rights.