Jessie Paege leaves her YouTube channel to rebrand again


Beck Iannucci

Jessie Paege is a YouTuber that has had her channel for six years now. The twenty-one year old has gone through a lot in that time. She’s gone from a crafting and beauty channel to challenge videos and comedy. Things took a turn after she started being more open about her mental health and came out of the closet. Her humor was still sprinkled into videos, but as she started documenting her eating disorder recovery, it was more to cope. Jessie has been this venerable to spread awareness and feel supported during difficult times. However, she, understandably, doesn’t want to be known as the women with a disorder. This is not because of the negative connotations to the word, but because Jessie has so much more to her. The artist has started writing music and wants to make it her main focus.

This new channel will also allow Jessie to move on from her being hospitalized and sexually assaulted. She can put those moments behind her and start fresh as the person she has grown to be.

I have been a huge fan of Jessie for a few years now. Her content has a huge place in my heart. It was through her channel that I learned the importance of mental health and learned about the lgbtq+ community. Jessie opened my eyes to an entire community I didn’t know existed and made me feel valid. More than that, I found a safe space. Her channel has been so welcoming and I can’t wait to see were music takes her! As she learns more about producing, it may lead her to another spot in the music industry. We’ll have to wait and see!