2020 Halloween Candy Power Rankings


The Garnet Mine Staff

The staff of The Garnet Mine is proud to present the second annual Web Journalism Halloween Candy Power Rankings!

15. Lemonheads- Abby Bozek

This sweet, tangy, and nostalgic candy which everyone loves at Halloween faced an injustice this year when they were ranked fifteenth. Not even in the top ten. Outrageous. Why might you ask? That I can’t tell you. In my eye the Lemonhead is the pinnacle for a nostalgic Halloween. The chewy sphere of lemony goodness released in 1962 can be enjoyed by almost everyone, as they are vegan and peanut free. Who wouldn’t be able to enjoy this treat? Only people who are ignorant to their deliciousness. 

When you bite into this sweet treat you find a sweet coating, soft sour shell, and a hard candy core. The taste of lemon clears your mouth of all previous, mediocre candies that you received for Halloween and your mouth is filled with the fantastic taste of sweet and sour lemon. If you don’t believe that this candy is amazing and deserves to be higher, we wouldn’t have been able to trick or treat together in elementary school. 

*Despite the deliciousness of this candy I refrain you from googling their mascot, it is quite terrifying* 

14. York Peppermint Patty- Johnny Mambrino

York Peppermint Patties are criminally underrated. I’ve heard some people say they taste like toothpaste–and who wants to eat minty chocolate–but in my opinion, it’s one of the best Halloween candies out there. It has strong contrasting flavors which I believe are the perfect combination of rich dark chocolate which surrounds a sugary center with a strong peppermint flavor. 

There are too many generic chocolate bars out there and while some are very good, like Twix and Snickers, at a certain point you have to switch it up and York offers a whole new perspective and taste on chocolate candy bars. It has that delicious chocolate aspect with the chill of peppermint that definitely makes it stand out among other chocolate bars. York’s slogan is “Get the Sensation”, and when you’re done eating a York peppermint patty you will have felt no better sensation than you have ever had while eating chocolate.

13. Tootsie Rolls- Talia Gardner

 As a child, what was better than opening your pillowcase stuffed with candy and finding tootsie rolls? Absolutely nothing! Though Tootsie Rolls aren’t the most classic Halloween candy, as a child I was always delighted when I’d see them stuffed in my pillow case of candy. In my opinion, Tootsie Rolls are the best of both worlds. On one side you have the chocolatey flavor and on the other hand the gooey texture also gives you the chewy candy feel. Tootsie Rolls are basically a glorious version of a mix of Twizzlers and M&Ms. What could be better? Along with the amazing taste of Tootsie Rolls they also happen to be one of the only candies that is gluten free! Ranging in sizes from mini to jumbo, Tootsie Rolls satisfy everyone. Overall, they are a delicious candy that I have always looked forward to on Halloween!

12. Swedish Fish- Hailey Thompson

Although Swedish Fish may not be the first candy that comes to mind when one is thinking about the perfect Halloween candy, they are certainly still amazing.  However their placement on this list is certainly appalling and disgraceful.  These amazing soft gummy candies bring the perfect touch of sweetness to your candy bag, among the other chocolate candies that we can sometimes need a break from.  The brightly colored blue, yellow, and red on the packaging of Swedish Fish give off a beautiful and appetizing feeling compared to the dull looks of candies such as the plain Hershey bar.  These candies both look and taste like no other, the amazing flavor is such a treat in your mouth that the sight of them in your candy bag should require a celebration.  

11. Nerds- Madison White

Nerds: a reliable pallet cleanser after all of the chocolate you have consumed throughout the night. The slightly sour, yet mostly super sweet, mini hard candies are a classic treat. Some choose to down the whole box, and some eat a few at a time. Even if this candy doesn’t necessarily wow you. They will forever remain an elementary school steal, with some top notch tradeable qualities. Back in 5th grade, I traded a box of Nerds for the much more sought after Sour Patch Kids. So, if a kid is desperate enough for some Nerds, they usually hold up in the candy trading department. Plus, they provide a nice spark of fruity flavor that you probably had been missing. And if you’re lucky enough to snag the, slightly more rare, wild cherry lemonade flavor. Your night of trick or treating has most likely been made. Not to mention the immaculate crunchy texture of these little guys. They might stick to your molars, but they will continue to provide a sweet flavor as they settle in your mouth. Might be a candy turn off, but true Nerd lovers know this is the best part of the tiny, tart, speck sized pieces of candy. And their neon colored boxes always provide a pop of color among the black, to brown, to orange array of colors on display in your pillowcase. In conclusion, Nerds deserve the number 11 spot, because while they dont exactly blow you away, if these candies don’t show up in your candy bag by the end of the night. Utter disappointment settles in. Proving the candy deserves a spot.

10. AirHeads- Charlie Abt

After a night of trick-or-treating, I was almost certain to find at least ten airheads stuffed into my bag, and the first thing I would do would be to grab them and remove them from my bag. While airheads may not be the best candy, they are very enjoyable and certainly a staple of Halloween candy. AirHeads have the tangy texture that comes with the fruit flavor, and all together, they form a good candy that a lot of people enjoy. Airheads are probably correctly ranked on this list in terms of popularity, but if I were doing the ranking, I’d probably have it higher since I’m not a fan of chocolate, and most of the candies listed above have chocolate. Airheads are a solid candy and one that always appears on Halloween.

9. Skittles- Ryan Surhoff

If we are talking top 15 Halloween candy, Skittles needs to be in the top 10. They are a go-to candy. I think this is a slap in the face to put skittles at 9. If this isn’t in your halloween bag why did you go treat-or-treating? The 5 flavors in the original bag can not be beat by the other bags.  Grape, orange, strawberry, lemon, and apple.  This candy also has big value in the Halloween trading.  Skittles can come in the 14 ounce bag but it is rare to see you usually find the 2 ounce bag it’s a perfect size bag for Halloween.  Skittles were first made commercially in 1974 by a British company.  

They were first introduced in North America in 1979 as an import confectionery. In 1982, domestic production of Skittles began in the United States. Skittles’ “Taste the rainbow”  is the best slogan for a candy.  The 20 grams of sugar in the bag is a lot but how cares it’s Halloween. There is no limit on Halloween.  

8. Nestle Crunch- Mr. Frabizzio

You can look to the top of this list for the flashier heavyweights of the Halloween candy discussion, but the Nestle Crunch Bar offers a consistency those candies can’t always promise (the cookie base of a Twix can go stale; melting ruins a Reese’s; no one likes a hard Sour Patch Kid). I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad Crunch Bar, and we owe it all to the magic of Crunch’s crisped rice. 

The crisped rice in a Crunch Bar is one of the more genius evolutions in the history of the candy bar. It immediately solves the candy bar’s obvious texture issue without dominating the flavor of the chocolate. Too many mix-ins turn the experience into something else entirely―Snickers and Milky Way are caramel candies covered in chocolate―but a crunch bar is still a chocolate bar through and through. The textural addition of the rice is supplemental, complementary to the chocolate, and, perhaps most importantly, something to remind you that this is just a little more special than what you’re used to. 

7. Snickers- Noah Birdsall

A good ole Snickers bar. How can you go wrong with getting a bunch of Snickers on Halloween? Exactly, you can’t. The deliciousness of the nougat, peanuts, and caramel with a chocolate coating is almost unbeatable. Overall personally, a Snickers bar is one of my favorites for not just Halloween, but just if you’re looking for a little bit of chocolatey goodness. Also as Snickers always says, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

6. Peanut M&M’s- Nico Read

After much debate, we decided that out of all the M&M flavors, this was the one to put on our list. A more complex flavor compared to the regular M&M, you get the classic sweet chocolate with a peanut crunch in the center. The peanut cuts that sugary after taste of the colored coating, allowing for a more pure chocolate and peanut experience. The larger size of the peanut M&M means that you get a longer lasting experience (which is an important factor considering most Halloween candy is tiny). For people with a peanut allergy, there are many alternatives to the peanut M&M that did not make the cut such as the pretzel and caramel M&M. All in all, Peanut M&Ms are a great treat that make you forget about how many you ate!

5. Starburst- Allyson Hernandez

These little colorful squares are part of the most classic Halloween candies of all time. So small yet, so much flavor. Though they also continue to stay subtle in your mouth. They are perfect for not overpowering your taste buds with an explosion of flavor and leave you wanting more every time. Starburst are the type of candy you want lying around your house all year, not just for Halloween. But by the end of the night on Halloween when everyone is going through all their candy, Starburst are always a surprise. That small package of two is always a guessing game whether you’re going to get Orange, Yellow Lemon, Red Cherry, or Pink Strawberry. Everyone who is smart and has somewhat of a good taste knows scoring two Pinks is a win when it comes to Starbursts. Along with Orange by far being the worst flavor. Orange is indeed at the bottom of the ranking for these four colors. Red is clearly second best and that leaves yellow for third. They’re good, but not enough to be at the top or worst enough to be at the bottom. However having that excitement on Halloween seeing if you’re going to get lucky with Starburst is a fun rush of not knowing, even though it is just for candy. 

4. Kit-Kat- Alex Conn

Kit Kat bars are incredibly crunchy and have a nice chocolate flavor. There are some problems with the candy. The crunch is too crunchy and it distorts the chocolate flavor. But the flavor ultimately does come through. 

It is still not as good as the king of candy: the Hershey bar. But yeah, let’s move on from that. Kit Kat, I will admit, is more of a Halloween candy than Hershey bar even though, in my opinion, Hershey is better in quality. 

Kit Kat is very much my second favorite candy to Hershey bar.

3. Sour Patch Kids- Caleigh Russo

First Sour, then sweet. Always first in my heart. Sour Patch kids may be number three, but they deserved much better.

 Like it or not, Sour Patch Kids were a part of our childhoods. Personally these were one of my favorite candies on Halloween, which I fished out of my stained-white pillow case/impromptu trick-or-treating bag. I then proceeded to pick out my favorite colors (green and blue), then the yellows and reds, least of all, the oranges (my personal opinion being that orange always has been and always will be the most repulsive flavor). Regardless of my personal vendetta against orange, every flavor of Sour Patch Kids is spectacular. But, of course, nothing compares to the watermelon flavor. My all-time favorite, I strongly believe those deserved their own individual place in the lineup. Bottom line: Sour Patch deserves the throne.

Unpopular opinion: there is not nearly enough gummy representation on this list. Apparently we’re a chocolatier class. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Except for the fact that gummy candy is superior.  Gas station candy, like Snickers, occupies most of the spots on this list. Chocolate dries out your mouth, and we don’t always have water with us while trick or treating. Plus, you must admit, we all felt quite rebellious when the orthodontist told us no gummy candy with braces and we indulged anyway. The secret ingredient was defiance.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups- Beck Iannucci

Reese’s are my all time favorite candy. In my mind, they deserve number one, but I’m still happy with second place. Reese’s are number one in my heart because peanut butter and chocolate are the ultimate combo. While chocolate and peanut butter are not for everyone due to allergies, if you are able to consume this sweet treat you won’t regret it! As someone that eats PB&J with bizarre jelly flavors, maybe I’m a bit biased. But out of all the peanut butter combos I eat, nothing can beat peanut butter and chocolate. 

Yes, there are other chocolate and peanut butter candies but they aren’t as satisfying — like peanut M&Ms for example. This is because of the chunks of nuts in the middle of the candy that make it chewy. You don’t have to bite down hard on Reese’s. And I’d like to point out that a Reese’s melts in your mouth in a way that peanut M&Ms don’t.

  1. Twix- Maya Egan

Ah, the one we’ve all been waiting for: Taking the crown for the number one Halloween candy of 2020 is… Twix! Twix is a delightful candy with a wafer base, caramel on top of the base, and a chocolate coat encasing the wafer and caramel. The manufacturer of Twix is Mars, a company that originated in the UK and created Twix in 1967. Twelve years later, the infamous Twix bar migrated to the western hemisphere and took the United States by storm.

What made Twix stand out from other candies like Milky Way, Snickers, etc. was the chocolate quality. It is a known fact that chocolate from Europe is far superior to chocolate in the United States. Hershey chocolate tastes more like dirt and leaves a nasty aftertaste in the mouth.  Twix has a rich and fulfilling taste that makes it quite addicting to the consumer and tastes like actual chocolate, which is a stark contrast to Hershey’s, but some of us aren’t ready to have that conversation. 

Every year after trick-or-treating, there always seems to be an abundance of Twix in everyone’s pillowcase, but does anyone ever complain about this revelation? No. Twix are so versatile that they can be enjoyed at all times of the year, when frozen, not frozen, etc. Twix bars are the most dependable treat to end any intense sugar cravings and are so fulfilling that it is often impossible to contain yourself to only one. In conclusion, Twix as the number one candy of Halloween is simply the only acceptable placement of this fantastic candy because of the chocolate quality, versatility, and the overall dependability of this treat.