The Eagles 2020 struggles. Should the Philadelphia Eagles be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline?


Noah Birdsall

The Philadelphia Eagles are in a very tough spot as of right now, they are sitting in 1st place in NFC East with a 2-4-1 record. With the team clearly struggling and not being able to stay healthy there needs to be blame to put on someone. In my opinion it is GM Howie Roseman. Roseman has built the second most expensive roster in the NFL going into the 2020 season. Not to mention that Philly will have -84 million dollars going into the 2021 season (not including cap rollover from 2020). Howie has continuously paid ageing veterans a chunk of their cap space, and it is really starting to show this season. 


So after looking at all the issues Philadelphia is gonna have coming up in the off season, let’s talk about what they can do now to help their case. The Eagles are in a spot where they can either trade for a veteran, trade for a younger player or start selling off their roster. I think that they should hold off on getting rid of their vets and save all of that for the off season, but I do think that they should mull all the offers that they receive. I don’t think the Eagles should sell, but I also don’t think they should buy, clearly the team is struggling already this year and already not in a spot to take on even more money in the offseason. In my opinion, the Eagles should either trade for 1 or 2 younger guys (only if they are cheap and don’t take away valuable assets) and then just stay put with the roster. 


Some players that intrigue me as a fan are Anthony Walker a linebacker from the Colts, John Ross III a receiver from the Bengals, Will Fuller/ Keke Coutee either reciever from the Texans and Haason Redick from the Cardinals. All of these players are relatively young but either couldn’t find their footing or stay healthy. Most of the players I listed wouldn’t require the Eagles to give up too much either. 


With the trade deadline fast approaching, if moves are going to be made they will be made extremely soon. Lets see what Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles organization decide to do to benefit the team.