The Effects of Online Learning

The Effects of Online Learning

Hailey Thompson

Obviously, this year is very different from previous years in terms of how we are accessing our school work and education, but have we considered how this is affecting our students and faculty as a whole?

Although some people are loving online learning, and doing some of their best work while in the comfort of their homes, it is also causing many people stress and anxiety.  Imagine how difficult it must be to be a teacher during this stressful time, they have to pre-plan our lessons, make sure that there is at least an online copy of what you are working on, deal with technical difficulties, and monitor two groups of students at once (online and in-class).  We do not realize all of the things that our teachers have to take into consideration while planning out our classes, as well as having to troubleshoot on the spot if an issue becomes present. 

Now that our entire school has gone fully-remote for at least the next two weeks, we are all being forced to sit through google meets for the entire school day, every day. I think that we need to be switching up the way that we are doing our online classes, sometimes we need a break from constant google meets.  Going back to last Spring, my teachers all gave us some individual work to do on some of the days rather than just being on a google meet.  I think that this can be very beneficial, because during a normal school day sometimes we sit in the classroom but we are all working on our own things.  This could also give some students and their teachers time to relax and have a small break from the chaos of remote learning.  I personally have been a fully remote student since the beginning of this school year, with that being said I believe that I was more prepared for when our school had to become fully remote again.  When being fully remote it is very important to make sure that you have a space where you can get your schoolwork done without a lot of distractions.  It is also very important to make sure that if you have other family members at home, that they know when you will be in class and not be too loud.  In my opinion, you have to be responsible when doing fully remote learning, since obviously there is no teacher at your house to make sure that you are paying attention.

If we are forced to continue on with fully remote learning periodically throughout the year, I think that the best way for us to have the most productive educational experience would be to switch up the way we are being taught.  Things such as videos, edpuzzles, games, and projects may be very helpful during these times in addition to our google meet classes.  During a normal school day last year, I remember all of the different activities that we did to keep students engaged in class.  In an attempt to gain back some sort of normalcy, I think we should be incorporating some of the things that we are so used to doing in the classroom.