Jerry from Netflix Documentary “Cheer” arrested with charges of child pornography


Cheer follows the nationally ranked Navarro College Cheer team; photo from Evening Standard.

Talia Gardner

During or before quarantine, I along with may other people binge watched Netflix’s hit documentary “Cheer” The show was a hit and brought us into the lives of competitive cheerleaders at Navarro College. Despite diving into the rigorous practice and preparation the cheerleaders went through to prepare for Daytona, the documentary focused on the crazy and horrible stories of the character’s lives. Pinpointing the issues of substance abuse, poverty, and mental health made the documentary extremely emotional for everyone watching. One of the highlights of the show was one of the characters, Jerry Harris. Jerry was highlighted for his “mat talk” that he gave his fellow teammates before competitions or performances. Jerry described mat talk as a way to hype up his teammates by saying things like “ Today is your day” “You’re a star” (popsugar) Because of Jerry’s bubbly and enthusiastic personality he quickly became a fan favorite. He, along with a few other members, were even featured on the Today’s Show as well as Ellen and quickly gained a large social media presence. Shockingly enough, on September 17th, Jerry Harris was arrested on the charge of production of child pornogrpahy. The report from the U.S. District Court in Chicago states jerry waas “ ticing an underage boy to produce sexually explicit videos and photos of himself,”  This information is both shocking and painfully disappointing for everyone.  While Jerry is just one example, his story is another painful reminder that as a society we become extreme fans of celebrities, and are often too blinded by their talent or charm, but in the end are disappointed to find out who they really are. Many fans are wondering what this news means for the future of “Cheer”. Since Jerry was a fan favorite in the past, it left viewers  of the show in utter confusion. Also, myself along with many other fans were hoping for a season two of Cheer in the near future, however netflix has yet to officially announce a confirmation of the next season. With the recent news of Jerry’s charges I am wondering what a season two of the show would even look like without Jerry. I was disturbed to hear this news and hope all victims of Jerry are receiving the justice they deserve.