How Are COVID Sports Going?

How Are COVID Sports Going?

Ryan Surhoff

2020 has been crazy!! How did we manage to get sports back? The Baseball season was about to start but the Covid hit in pre-season, and they had to be cancelled. Basketball was in its final stretch, playoffs were right around the corner and they were cancelled. Hockey the same with basketball, teams were grinding for a playoff spot and it got canceled. Football had to start through the Covid not having a bubble like the rest.

Baseball had a rough start to the season with the Miami Marlins having 18 players test positive right before opening day. The St Louis Cardinals had a team outbreak and they didn’t play baseball for 2 weeks. Throughout the season the teams had single cases and one game cancelled for the teams that they had cases for. The MLB made it to the postseason they are making bubbles in cities that the games are played in. I feel MLB did a great job of fighting through the season.

Basketball was costing to the playoffs until March 11th, 2020 when they had to suspend the season. Two players tested positive for Covid-19 Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. They started back up in a bubble in Orlando Florida. It has been perfect with no covid cases since they started in August. Now the NBA is at the finals and ready to finish and start the next season.

Hockey has the same story as the NBA suspending their season a day after the NBA. they have moved in 2 different bubbles one in Edmonton for the western conference and the other in Toronto the eastern conference. They also had no positive tests throughout the playoffs and they have finished their season, ready to start their next season.

Football’s Super Bowl was in February and covid missed them but they had to start up again with all of the craziness going on. There have been a lot of covid cases during the NFL season resulting in the postponement of games. The week 4 matchup between the Titans and the Steelers was postponed to next week because the titans had players and team personnel tested positive. Most of the NFL teams have this under control and some do not.