Halloween and COVID


Allyson Hernandez

Halloween is coming up and COVID is still flying around. What’s going to happen with all of the spooky festivities? According to the Center for Disease Control, every activity has been put into low risk, moderate risk, and high-risk categories. For kids that look forward to going door to door trick treating, it’s unfortunately been put into the high-risk category. Along with trunk or treating, haunted houses, and Halloween parties. Although it’s a high risk you won’t be penalized by law enforcement if you do go out, but your health could potentially suffer if you catch the virus or you can get another sick without knowing. On the other hand, the moderate risk category has come up with an alternate way to trick or treat which includes picking up individually wrapped candy bags, but is that really safe? As for other moderate risk activities you can watch scary movies outside and have a costume party outdoors.  For lower-risk fun, you can just carve pumpkins at home and hang out with your family. So is Halloween actually going to be a real Halloween, probably not. Chances are it’s most likely canceled for adults who go out and kids who trick or treat, but people who usually stay in can have their regular Halloween. So it’s up to everyone if they go out for Halloween or not, just remember it’s your risk with COVID.