Jacksepticeye and Markipler once again support the Trevor Project, along with Pokimane


Beck Iannucci

Gaming YouTubers Seán McLoughlin and Mark Fishbach are once again supporting the Trevor project, a suicide helpline for queer people. Last June their shared brand, Cloak, donated ten percent of their rainbow launch to the organization. Seán himself sold separate merch on Jacksepticeye.com also in support and did an all day livestream. These live streams are common for YouTubers when trying to raise money. They sometimes have a set end date and other times go until a goal is met. YouTube and Twitch also have a special where you can pay a monthly fee for extra stuff from creators — such as bonus videos and content. Many streamers use these subscriptions to go towards the goal so if you sub you get the extra content and help the cause. It’s also worth noting that every bit helps. Though the merch on Jacksepticeye.com had a different donation value than Cloak did, it doesn’t matter. Charity is never a competition. Every little bit matters to the communities involved. 

This year, they delayed the pride month celebration to address political injustices that black individuals face. Now, on world mental health day, the rainbow support is back! This year, they’re joined by a new creative member, Pokimane. She’s a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber. She is no stranger to streaming fundraisers herself. Notably she asked viewers to donate to help the Australian wildfire earlier this year. Like many of her fellow creators, Imane shows support for causes on Twitter as well. Though she has been heavily criticized in the past, it’s undeniable the impact she has made by supporting current events.

But Seán and Mark have a longer history of supporting the queer community.

Back in 2017, Mark raised $128,000 for the human rights campaign in less than 24 hours! As well as rallying in support.

Back in June of 2016, we suffered a tragic loss at the Pulse Night Club shooting. Mark made a video titled, “Please Be Good To Each Other,” where he talked about the devastating event and showed his support for queer people that were hurt and scared by the loss. As safe places are invaded it can be hard to stay positive and let your guard down. He posted the video on June 13, the day after the Pulse shooting and though he didn’t want to say too much about the shooting because it can be triggering and he didn’t feel qualified, he said enough. He told everyone to be as good as you can to those around you and help lift them up. It’s something that still sends chills down my spine every time I watch it.


He also made a tweet back in 2018 validating trans people.


Last June Seán also did a charity livestream for lgbt rights but he’s been showing his support since 2015 when he made a YouTube video titled “A GREAT DAY!” showing his happiness to hear gay marriage was legalized in the US.


His support also appears into videos as he has a tendency to call out stupidity. In a video when he tried to decode riddles, titled “Only REALLY SMART People Know The Answer To This” he puts down the statement that all women have to shave. He says not doing so doesn’t make you less of a woman, cis or otherwise, and that trans women are women — something many still can’t seem to comprehend. He also went to the comment section of his video and added: “Friendly reminder that you can wear whatever the hell you like regardless of your gender”.

There have also been countless more times where he voices his support on Twitter.