McDonald’s New Spicy Mcnuggets are a Big Mcfailure

October 2, 2020

The famous golden arches that everyone loves has released a new flavor of McNuggets since 1983. McDonald’s has created a new version of the McNugget with some fire to spice it up. This Spicy McNugget has a reddish and orange color due to the cayenne and chile pepper, making it stand out compared to the regular McNugget. Spice lovers who have already tasted the new nugget claim that it isn’t spicy enough, people have started calling it a big Mcletdown. The McNuggets look fantastic, but just don’t make the cut when it comes to the flavor. Along with the Spicy McNugget comes a new hot sauce to intensify the heat. The new Mighty Hot Sauce does indeed fulfill the cut for actually being hot, it’s a whole new level of heat. However, it leaves a burning taste in one’s mouth, making the sauce fierier then it is enjoyable. The hot sauce also doesn’t taste any better with fries. Who would’ve thought McDonald’s fries and nuggets could have ever tasted horrible, not me. I think McDonald’s got so caught up in competing with other fast-food restaurants and trying to please everyone in the quickest way possible, that they didn’t take the time to make it good. It is a huge Mcdissapointment.

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