My Top 5 Teams To Win the World Series


The Astros kill the Dodgers in the seventh game of the 2017 World Series to win it all.

Ryan Surhoff

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5. San Diego Padres
The Padres have strived during the Covid season. With a record of 34-20, their hitting has carried them through the season, hitting 4 grand slams in 4 games. Dinelson Lamet and Zach Davies have been doing their part, 10 starts being in the top 20 in ERA. And let’s not forget the obvious: Fernando Tatis Jr, Manny Machodo, and Eric Hosmer have all lit it up this year with more than 30 RBI each. The Slam Diego Padres are going to be a tough team to beat.
4. Los Angeles Dodgers
With a great year last year, only losing one important starter, and adding 2018 MVP Mookie Betts, the Dodgers have clinched a playoff spot and are on track to clinch the division. Another team carried by a juggernaut offense but pitching has done its part with the best team ERA. The Dodgers don’t have good success in the playoffs. Seven years in a row they have made the playoffs without winning it all. This year the Dodgers need to get over the hump with the best team ERA and great offense with Cody Bellenger, Betts, and Max Muncy. It will be a fun time seeing the Dodgers with playoff success that’s why Dodgers are Number 4.
3. Minasoda Twins
This team has it all. Hitting that will make you crazy and a great pitching staff that will make you regret going to the playoffs just to get swept by this team. Last year the Twins had seven players to hit 20 or more homeruns in a season. That is unheard of; they also had the most homers by any team, beating out the Yankees and the Dodgers. The pitching staff isn’t posting historic numbers, but they have been steady for three seasons now. The Twins haven’t had much playoff success losing to the Yankees in their past three playoff series.
2. New York Yankees
The team is struggling with injuries and minor league players playing in the most important games of the year. The Yanks are still struggling with injuries not having the top of their order with Aaron Judge and DJ LeMahieu out for half the year. They got help from free agency acquiring Gerret Cole. He has been great for the Yankees, while the numbers do not put in prospective what he has done for the Yanks. In a recent game against the Blue Jays the Yankees lived up to their nickname, The Bronx Bombers, mashing 6 homers in one game. If they are going to make a playoff run they need support from the pitching. Luke Voit, who is putting up MVP numbers, has been the staple in this line up not missing a game due to injuries. I expect they will have a deep playoff run.
1.Tampa Bay Rays
Tampa Bay is the best team this year. With hitting led by Brian O’Grady and pitching led by Cy Young winner Blake Snell and Tyler Glasnow, the Rays have destroyed the east this year with a record of 37-20. This team has great depth with their bench players. They are relied on in the later moments of the game. The Rays rolled through their division winning the A.L. East with games to spare. Not a home run hitting team, they get down and dirty stealing bases, hit and run, bunting people over. I like to call this style of play gritty, but it’s the type of play you can rely on in October Baseball.