Highlight Reel of the First Presidential Debate

Neither side emerges victorious.

Portions of this recap reflect the belief of the author and in no way reflect the position of RHS or the RCSD on this matter.

If you have been keeping up with political news, you probably know that the first Presidential debate was Tuesday night. It wasn’t a debate so much as two older men bickering and screaming at one another, while the moderator desperately tried (and failed) to keep order between them. These were not Presidential Candidates; they were the political Kardashians. Neither of them should be representing our country. I , personally, felt second hand embarrassment for their childish behavior. Their hostility towards one another highlights the political division that separates the left and the right. Their constant interrupting of one another was a sign of blatant disrespect for the other’s beliefs and evident immaturity not suitable for the presidency. Watching this honestly felt like watching a boxing match, so here is the highlights reel:

  1. The first big brawl between Biden and Trump.

Biden: “I beat Bernie Sanders.”

Trump: “Not by much”

Trump and Biden are bickering, yelling over one another, Biden says, “I’m not here to call out his lies, everyone knows he’s a liar.” 

2) When talking about the Filibuster, Trump kept on interrupting Biden. Biden finally says, “Would you shut up, man?”. 

However, Trump did not abide by Biden’s wishes and just kept talking over him. Within no time at all, they were inaudibly screaming at one another.

President Trump, otherwise known for his time firing people on The Apprentice, is a great entertainer. He knows how to get people’s attention, even if it is for all the wrong reasons. As he would say “all press is good press.”, right?

3) The CoronaVirus discussion was one of the most interesting parts. Biden was attacking Trump, who was getting super defensive.

Biden says Trump thanked China for their “transparency” to us about the pandemic’s gravity and that we were “indebted to them.”

Trump shoots back: “you don’t know how many people died in China, you don’t know how many people died in Russia” and claims that many governors said, “President Trump did a pHeNOmeNaL job.”

Biden laughs.

Trump declares: “The media gives me bad press, FAKE NEWS.” That may be Trump’s favorite phrase. “Fake News.”

Trump strikes with, “Don’t ever use the word smart with me. There’s nothing smart about you, Joe, 47 years and you’ve done nothing”.

Biden counters”, Oh, give me a break.” 

I honestly think that this debate was a poorly written SNL skit.

Biden remarks that Trump “doesn’t have a plan!” to help the country get through COVID.

At this point, they’re both talking over one another, neither can get a word in. Finally, Biden yells, “Will he just shush for a minute?”

Trump attests: “He wants to shut down the country. I want to keep it open.” 

Biden is inaudibly yelling, and Trump says, “Wait a second, Joe, let me shut you down.”

Trump thinks that shutting down the economy is a big mistake. Correction: a huuuuuuuge mistake.

4) The moderator remarks: “Biden, you are holding much smaller (campaign) events”.

Trump childishly states:” Because nobody will show up”, and then goes on to claim that his giant outdoor events are fine, even with the threat of COVID.

Apparently “It’s outside that’s a big difference according to the ……(glances around anxiously) experts. The difference is TREMENDOUS”. 

5) If you want to stay on Trump’s good side, don’t ask him why he doesn’t pay his taxes. 

According to him, he paid “MILLIONS of dollars in taxes! MILLIONS of dollars of income taxes.”

The moderator is annoyed, because Trump is avoiding the question at hand, so he calmly asks: “Mr President, will you tell us how much you paid in income taxes in 2017?”

“MILLIONS of dollars”.

Throughout the debate, Trump often repeats words and phrases within his arguments to emphasize his claims.

6) When Trump was accusatory of Biden’s late son:

Trump yells: “Why did the president of Moscow pay your son 3.5 million dollars?” 

The moderator, desperately trying to get both candidates to stop screaming: “MR PRESIDENT.”

Biden screams, “My son did nothing wrong,” Trump is “totally discredited,” and that “IT’S HARD TO GET ANY WORD IN WITH THIS CLOWN.”

Once again, trying to move on, the moderator yells:“GENTLEMEN!!”

Trump screams at the moderator: “NO! THIS IS IMPORTANT!”

The moderator, now very frustrated, says: “Gentlemen, I hate to raise my voice, but I have to like the two of you!!” 

7) During the section on racism in the United States, Trump is claiming that the media paints America as a racist nation. 

Biden fires: “Here’s the deal, he’s racist”.

The purpose of these debates are for voters to get insight on their candidates. This was an opportunity for people to learn more about Trump and Biden’s policies and ideologies, yet neither of them could let the other get a word in. Needless to say, this is going to be an interesting election.