Unus Annus Reminds Us of Our Mortality


Beck Iannucci

Unus Annus, translating to one year in Latin, is the name of a YouTube channel with an expiration date. After one year the channel has vowed to delete their videos and its creators, CrankGameplays and Markipler, are to act as if the channel never happened. Since November 15, 2019, we’ve been counting down to the channel’s death during their daily posts. The start of each video plays the current count down and ends with a ticking clock. With less than fifty days left the number is starting to set in. Every hundred days was daunting but now we´re reaching the dreaded end of an era. Myself, like many others, bought merch to preserve the memory because there’s something scary about the idea of forgetting something you care about, which the channel touches upon. Though Unus Annus is bizarre, it’s special. We have the chance to watch their journey before everything is permanently gone. 

Unus Annus gives me motivation because they remind me everyday that life is short so I have to go after what I want. Their dumb ideas, cursed videos (thanks, Evan), and Amy´s commentary have a special place in my heart. I hope you join us before it ends.

Memento Mori

45 days, 17 hours, 2o minutes