Shows To Get You Through Quarantine


Beck Iannucci

Though many of us have slowly started to get back to work and school, the stress of corona hasn’t yet evaporated. Here are a few shows to get you through these times.

Comedies: teens and adults addition

1. Impractical Jokers

The show follows four friends from high school as they publicly humiliate each other through challenges. The loser of the most challenges is punished in a way that would be scariest to them. For example, Sal has a fear of cats so there are many punishments where he is forced to interact with them. The show is amazing because it’s rewatchable. There are reruns everyday on TruTV and if it happens to be the same episode on as yesterday I don’t mind. No matter how many times you see an episode, it’s still funny.

2. John Mulaney

If you haven’t seen any of his skits you’re missing out. He’s an amazing story teller. As he recalls bizarre encounters he has had, he will keep you laughing all day. I know many people, including myself, that watch John´s skits whenever they´re sad because his content has such an overwhelming feeling of happiness. My personal favorite is John Mulaney: New in Town.

3. Bo Burnham

Bo tells comedy through music and used his platform to speak about some important issues amidst the comedy. In his song ¨K*ll Yourself¨ he talks about the unhelpful mental health advice that pop singers have sung about. He pokes fun at the way mental health issues have been boiled down to simplistic unhelpful statements. He makes a point that if you need help reach out to a therapist and talk about your struggles. His music may not be for everyone because some songs are sensitive, but it’s worth mentioning. I recommend Bo Burnham: Make Happy if you have Netflix.

Cartoons and anime: kids addition

I find kids shows very comforting since lots of them have songs in episodes, wholesome interactions, and no gore. Sometimes you need a break from violent and intense content. Here are my faves to get you started!

1. She-ra and The Princess of Power (the remake)

She-ra’s remake offers everything you could want in a show. There are more diverse and complex characters this time, songs sung by a goofy sailor, and friendship prevailing above all. The story follows a soldier that realizes she’s been brainwashed all her life, a princess that is ready to fight in the war though she isn’t allowed, and a boy that makes arrows to fight in the war while hiding many secrets. 

2. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Sticking with the theme of cheesy and wholesome shows, Miraculous is a must watch. The story follows Marinette, a clumsy high school girl, who becomes a superhero named Ladybug. As Ladybug she has a lot more confidence and fights alongside Cat Noir, a teenage crime fighter with a love for puns. Together the pair save Paris from being overtaken by evil forces.

3. Little Witch Academia

The story follows a girl who isn’t a witch, yet wants to pursue magic. She makes it into her dream witch school and finds a wand that allows her to do magic.

4. Glitter Force

Tbh, you can never have enough magical girl shows. This one follows a group of middle school girls and their journey to friendship and victory. Sure, it sounds basic, but the art style is amazing and the show has its funny moments as the five friends battle a goblin, joker, and witch to save the world.

5. Voltron (the remake)

Voltron has a special place in my heart. With the remake having Pidge as a scientist that fights to save her brother and father from aliens instead of having no lines whatsoever, it’s incredible. The characters have depth and real issues — like Keith’s problem with anger. It truly is such a loveable show.