The Danger of the IDW


Alex Conn

Michael Brooks was a great man that sadly passed away in July of this year. He was a great progressive journalist, activist, and also great at impressions as well.

He had a show the Michael Brooks Show and also would guest host The Majority Report with Sam Seder along with having his signature laugh that everyone loved.

I feel like I need to give credit to him before I talk about the IDW because I think he was brilliant and his book inspired me to think about them further.

The intellectual dark web or the IDW consists of Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris to a lesser extent, Steven Crowder and  Mike Cernovich.

These people, especially Crowder and Peterson and Shapiro and in some ways Rubin, are incredibly popular with white suburban cisgendered straight males.

To describe some of them, there is Dave Rubin who used to work for The Young Turks, which is a progressive outlet. He, according to Ana Kasparian who is a TYT host and someone who is almost as synonymous with TYT as Ana said he wanted more money so he became kind of libertarian y cause that’s where the big bucks are. He used to call himself “the last true liberal” to now he’s almost full pro Trump and is supporting Trump. His show is an interview show he often has guests that are right wing like he had Milo Yiannopoulos and Stefan Molyneux for instance. Milo and Stefan have some very racist opinions and Milo even sung America The Beautiful for Nazis.
He’s not principled at all and he has been called out by many progressives and even like some non progressives who are in his target audience YouTubers like Chris Ray Gun and Hunter Avallone. Chris Ray Gun actually was on his show. The main thing he is called out for is saying dumb things and changing his opinions to get money. He is also accused of not calling out his guests when they say anti Semitic or racist or controversial things.

Sam Harris is kind of known as the reason Rubin left TYT. There was an interview TYT did with Harris which Dave did not think was fair. Sam Harris is a liberal but mainly he’s an atheist. He voted for Hillary Clinton but is known for going after Islam and really criticizing it and many people have labeled him a neocon.

Jordan Peterson is someone who Michael doesn’t refer to him in this way but I always viewed him like this as kind of a Tyler Durden from Fight Club type guy. He’s not buff and he talks like Kermit the Frog but he has united a lot of young white straight men who feel kind of left out by the left. 

Ben Shapiro who is known as “the cool kids’ philosopher” is almost a classic neocon but he talks fast. He was in favor of the Iraq War and his ideology is something  that young people in the 90s and 2000s would rebel against. He’s still against gay marriage and abortion rights what’s hip or edgy about that? But he is a cool young guy at least from his look and he talks fast and he is getting these kind of classically conservative ideas that kids would in general hate but in a “cool” way. 

Steven Crowder in my mind is just annoying and full of himself. He acts like the jock in high school. He’s very chauvinistic and very loud mouthed. He is known for being incredibly transphobic and homophobic. He even specifically targeted a gay Vox reporter and the gay Vox reporter had to report him on YouTube. He regularly makes fun of transgender people on his show and he is very conservative. He also is responsible for the “Change My Mind” meme.

Mike Cernovich is the dangerous one I think. He’s someone who has allegations of rape and has even slandered Chuck Schumer with false sex abuse claims. He also went after James Gunn. He is also someone who speaks for the young disaffected straight white male. If you look at his comment section on his Twitter that’s essentially his audience. 

What kind of unites them all is their hatred of social justice warriors. That idea kind of leads a lot of young people around my age to right wing ideas that they might have never have had.

As someone who is in the target audience of the IDW I completely understand. I do feel like social justice warriors are driving people away from the left.

In the 1990s Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor were why you became a part of the left. Or in the 60s the rebellious nature of Abbie Hoffman or Jim Morrison  were what you associated with the left wing. The left was punk and anti authoritarian. The right wing were people like Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority and others who campaigned against pornography and rock music.

The IDW does have actual consequences. It has turned many people in my generation right wing. It has not only done that but I believe has made my generation more chauvinistic and homophobic and even racist.
This is all from I believe the main source which is the Donald Trump movement.
The Donald Trump movement is coarse and it’s vile. I’m not someone who thinks that the President can’t like have a foul mouth for instance because a lot of people do curse a lot but once you call undocumented immigrants criminals and rapists. For one that is completely untrue. Undocumented immigrants commit actually less crime than full citizens
As President you are a role model for the country and the country’s children. Lots of kids will not even see the undocumented immigrant part they will just pick on kids with brown or black skin. Things that the President says like the press is the enemy of the people and his comments about undocumented immigrants affect people kids and teenagers mostly.


The IDW and Trump are very related. They are both against social justice warriors and that’s their attraction before they reveal the real conservative agenda. In both cases it works incredibly well.

Racism right now is punk which is really sad. It’s sad that the counterculture right now is racist and sexist. The IDW and Donald Trump are fanning the flames.  Of course they deserve freedom of speech but there needs to be more awareness on these punks and I don’t mean that in the cool way.