The 5 Worst Things About Being Back at Rye High School (Some Safety Precautions due to Corona)


Allyson Hernandez

1. Masks

Although masks are used to keep us safe from getting the virus, it doesn’t stop them from being incredibly agitating. They make you feel restless and irritated all day as we continuously breathe in the same hot air.  Sometimes causing the mask to be moist and sweaty all day. Also to add the fact they are giving people acne, that many high school students have worked hard to get rid of.

2. Block Schedule

Having to figure out what days you go to school was already confusing, but to top it off and add this block schedule was the most unnecessary thing ever. First of all most students weren’t a fan of it, to begin with, and many didn’t want to change to this way. Figuring out what classes you have on what days is quite a difficult thing to do and very irritating. Most kids are having to check the parent portal multiple times a day to determine where they’re supposed to go next and when. And the cherry on top to make it even more annoying is the longer periods, leading school to end later!! I’m sure students will get used to the schedule as the weeks go on, but it doesn’t stop it from being annoying in the beginning.

3. Super Slimy Hand Sanitizer

Although the hand sanitizer is there to keep you clean and have the germs stay away, the school formula is very mysterious. It creates the grossest feeling and the slimy consistency makes it very sticky. It feels like your hand was dumped into a bucket of goo and you can’t get it off until it dries.

4. Split Alphabet

The split alphabet is an understandable safety precaution, but it is very unfortunate in some ways. Many kids have all their friends on one side, meanwhile, some are completely alone on the other side. It’s just sad because kids look forward to seeing their friends in school but now can only see them through a computer screen. In some rare circumstances, students could be in a classroom with just two others and a teacher, which is just so lonely.

5. One Way Hallways

The one way hallways are also for safety precautions but are utterly annoying. These hallways have become such a hassle to get through, and some students are getting marked late constantly because they have to navigate their way through the halls. The most annoying halls of all time are the science wing halls. Students have to make the biggest time-consuming loop to try to get to one class when their class before was only a couple of classes down.