The Class of 2020 Looks Back On Their Time at Rye High School

Olivia Dabinett

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Class of 2020 was unable to partake in many of the traditions that RHS students look forward to. We also weren’t given the chance to properly say our goodbyes to all of the teachers, classmates, and friends we have met and forged bonds with throughout our time at RHS. So, in order to pay tribute to the Class of 2020 and our time at Rye, I asked some of my classmates to share some words about their favorite memories, traditions, and overall experiences at Rye High School…

“I can confidently say my 4 years at Rye High School were some of the best years of my life. I have met some amazing people and have had some amazing experiences– like the unrivaled sporting events. I wouldn’t trade my time at Rye for the world.” – Connor Camacho

“I would say one of my favorite traditions is spirit week because I love when everyone goes all out. It makes the week leading up to Rye Harrison so fun!” – Audrey Fung

“Senior year was such an amazing experience and I’m sad it was cut short. I’m going to miss Tuesdays (Model UN), Thursdays (Civics Club), and Discussion Day Fridays.” – Emily Mehler

“I’m seriously going to miss seeing everyone every day! Whether it’s my best friend, a school friend, or someone I’m not even that close with, I think it’s so fun getting to spend time with them every day in class, during free periods, walking to temp, at football games and more especially because a lot of the kids I have known since I was like 5. It’s just cool that we all got to grow up together and make so many fun memories together, whether big or small. I’m really just going to miss everyone and all of the small things with our grade!” – Nina Rothman

“I’m going to miss the great student teacher relationships and how much everyone really cares about the Rye community. I’m also going to miss all of the traditions and pure excitement surrounding the Rye Harrison football game.” – Amy Morrissey

“I’m going to miss going to the football games with friends and playing for Rye Girls Golf. Rye has given me great memories that I can look back on forever.” – Jena Yi

“I have so many amazing memories at Rye, but one of my favorites has to be riding across the turf on the golf cart with the other MCs at the pep rally and rolling of the side in front of the whole school” – Gracie Pemble

“It’s always hard to transition between schools, but I’m grateful to Rye Soccer for accepting me and giving me the best high school experience throughout the past 3 years.” – Ata Arslan

“I think the thing I am going to miss the most is seeing everyone everyday. Some of the people I’ve known since I was six years old so it’s weird that I’m not going to be seeing them anymore. I’m also going to miss my teachers a lot because I never had the chance to thank them in person for everything they have done for me over the past four years.” – Gabby Beechert

“I loved attending Rye sport’s games because they really showed the spirit and close knit community of RHS. I am going to miss them and all of the teachers who have really shaped my time in high school. I wish we could have finished the year together.” – Clare Cassidy

“I’m going to miss saying hi to all my friends in the halls as well as talking and laughing with people in class that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen as often” – Cailee Formon

“I will miss our 7pm soccer games under the lights and looking into the stands to see all of our friends and families there supporting us. I will also miss the little things, like seeing friends and teachers in the hallways everyday, because unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to say our goodbyes.” – Eve Dalton

“One of the highlights of my high school experience was being a part of Rhythm on Rye. I started in my sophomore year and it has been a constant in my life ever since. Getting close with the seniors in the group this year and placing third at competition are all moments that mean a lot to me. I will miss it so much and wish we could have finished out this last year.” – Cate Hudson

“Id say the highlight of my time at rye high school has just been spending time with the Class of 2020. I cherish every spirit week, pep rally, awards assembly, PSP production, and football game I’ve ever gone to. I’m so grateful to have gone to a school with such a strong sense of community. Every single day of school is special because of the people I get to interact with. I’m going to miss the familiarity of my friends, classmates, teachers, and other faculty at RHS. I’m also going to miss walking into school every morning and seeing Jeff, and walking into the library and hearing Mr. Kenefick say ‘Fifi!’” – Fiona Douglas

“A high school memory that I will always remember about RHS is spirit week. Getting dressed up each day to get more and more excited for the Rye Harrison game.” – Allie Depauw

“My time at Rye has been unreal. Whether it’s the memories I’ve made through soccer, in the classroom, or with my friends, I’ll never forget my time here.” – Jasper Nusbaum

“My time at Rye has been amazing. I have so many great memories in class and outside of class with friends that Rye has given me. Being able to play soccer and lacrosse with some of my best friends throughout all of high school is something I am forever thankful for. Those teams have brought me so much joy, laughs, and the best people ever. My favorite week of the year is spirit week before Rye Harrison. I love how much school spirit everyone has, and I also like getting ready for each day with my friends! That is something I am really going to miss. I am also going to miss so many of the amazing teachers I have had throughout the years and the people who have helped me in the classroom who I never knew before. Mostly I am going to miss seeing my friends each day, sitting next to them in class, the library, the cafeteria or in the stands, and playing alongside them on the field.” – Grace Wyckoff

“Even though there’s so many things I’m gonna miss, I think some of the memories that stand out for me are the times spent supporting the school’s sports teams with the rest of my friends and classmates.” – Sarah Hodulik

“I loved being a part of the field hockey and lacrosse teams for four years. And I’m bummed about not having a last season for lacrosse. One of my favorite traditions has to be Rye Harrison just due to the many traditions that are related to rye Harrison like the pep rally and bonfire!” – Catherine Egan

“I would say that one of my favorite things is how much of a family all of the sports teams are and just the culture of rye high schools sports. Most of my memories at schools revolved around being on teams and going to games of other sports to support. I loved being on the field more than anything but being in the stands with the rest of our grade was also something I don’t think I will ever forget.” – Jordan Basso

“Some of my favorite memories from Rye High School come from the fall soccer season. The culture of sports at Rye is so special, and I am definitely going to miss that!” – Katie Sack

“I am really going to miss the friendly faces of students and faculty walking through the hallway. I am going to miss laughing in the library, cheering on sports teams at the turf and   I will always remember and cherish the memories I made playing on our home court.” – Teaghan Flaherty

“My favorite memory from senior year is definitely senior scav! My friends and I all had the best time trying to complete all the challenges and it was so funny! I will always remember it!” – Megan Sadler

“The highlight of my time at Rye has definitely been all the friendships I’ve been able to create. My high school experience has been an unforgettable one because the people in rye have made it so special, and for that I am forever grateful.” – Abigail Hutchinson

“What I am going to miss most about Rye High School is all of the sporting events and cheering friends on in all different sports. I am also going to miss all of the amazing people and teachers that made my four years at Rye the best four years.” – Margaret Scully

“The last 4 years at rye high left me with many unforgettable memories. I will never forget all the great athletic events, teachers, and coaches!” – Paige Drago

“I am going to miss the constant struggle of getting out of the temp lot and being blocked in hahahaha.” – Hallie Rosenfield