Madeleine Larzul

Zoom is an American company whose main goal was to make the user experience fast and easy to use, such as reducing the number of clicks. The app was mainly used for work, but because of the Covid-19 outbreak, it has been used for family meetings, school, yoga, fitness, dance and acting classes, weddings, birthdays, adoption hearings, and religious celebrations, such as Passover. The Ceo of the company, Eric Yuan, states “ I only do three things: sleep, eat and Zoom.” His company has been doing tremendously well, however, the app is seen for having security and privacy problems. 

The first issue is that Zoom users have been experiencing “Zoombombing” issues. Basically, Zoom – bombing is when someone gets an ID password from a meeting that isn’t password-protected and can disrupt the meeting. If you have a meeting password-protected, then random people cannot Zoombomb your meeting. When the CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, heard about the Zoombomb issues, he blamed himself and explained that he and his staff should’ve warned others to not show the meeting ID of non protected passwords to random people. In addition, Google staff experienced issues with Zoom, so they decided to ban the app. Jose Castaneda, Google’s Spokesperson explained that Zoom can no longer be used in the company, because of intrusion into their privacy. Personally, I find this ironic since Google is one of the main search engines that tracks what we look up on the internet, collects our personal information on their records, and sends them to third parties. If Google isn’t comfortable having Zoom invade into their privacy, then they should consider changing their policies as well.  However, Zoom stated that they have been working hard to solve these security problems, such as hiring security experts. 

The second issue was that Zoom is seen for sending personal information to China, to spy on people, which made sense for people, since Zoom has 700 employers working for them in China. In April, a citizen lab reported that Zoom’s data was being sent through China. Zoom explained to the lab that it was a mistake, so it would never happen again. Because of the citizen lab reports, companies and institutions have banned their employees from using Zoom. For example, Nancy Pelosi explained how she was not allowed to use Zoom because it is part of a Chinese invasion. 

Eric Yuan’s response to the citizen lab was that it was a complete misunderstanding and that somebody sent Nancy Pelosi the wrong information. Yuan states that his company is 100% American, and to make things even clearer, he is a Chinese-American, who has been living in the US since 1997. Yuan explained that he blames himself for not having met with people regarding privacy and security issues, but his company is working on changing the security measures.