A Deep Dive into Justin Bieber: The Seasons pt 4


Celebrities and their health problems and drug addiction may not be the biggest concern. But seeing how much the world has hated on Justin made it easy to wanna see his documentary when he took his break in performing. When it comes to adults they wouldn’t care as much to see how he turned to be and how he worked through his problems during his break. As for the generation of all the constant screaming fans girls that hearts would ache when he stopped performing. And seeing the documentary would bring such happiness to them. For some people who had seen the documentary just believed it was a publicity stunt and another way for a celebrity to clean up their mistakes, an excuse. Many have the idea whenever an artist gets caught up in the fame with big trouble drugs and crimes, they blame it on mental illness. In other words, mental illness and other health problems shouldn’t be used as an excuse to get out of things no matter if you’re famous. So maybe Justin did and maybe he didn’t, you can’t ever really know.