Deep Dive 2020: Coronavirus in America (Critical Thinking)


America needs to get back to work soon, at least in phases, or else our economy could have a bleak long-term future.

Chris Urban, Editor

Coronavirus has decimated two major aspects of the American lifestyle: our health care system and the economy. In my three previous pieces, I have touched on health care and the country’s devastating numbers from COVID-19, so in this piece, I will shift to the economy and what I think needs to happen.


Right off the bat, our economy is currently seeing numbers as high as the 1930s depression era, which is a scary pill to swallow. We need to take aggressive action towards phasing in workers at national and local businesses to drive up our country again. Whether that means masks being worn in the workplace at almost all times or just more cautious protocols, either way, we need to stimulate the economy while trying to prevent a second spike.


A country with complete safety means that we have to give up almost all freedom, rather, we need to be mindful of our safety first while also having our economy operating at adequate levels. It is essential that we protect the future of this country by ensuring that our working people get back to receiving their paychecks instead of the government dealing record-breaking amounts of money to foster the unemployed. Spending almost $3 trillion already on the stimulus package is necessary, but has even further destroyed our national debt and stability for the future. Let’s remember that only 11 years ago during the Great Recession we spent $800 billion in relief efforts which at the time was considered an unprecedented amount.


States in the Midwest region of the country and others such as Georgia and Florida have taken steps towards lifting the workforce back up again. I believe that in states where cases have always been relatively low should at least open commerce back up to a moderate level. After a couple of weeks of gauging those results, the states should then be able to decide any further progressions to come back to normal.


In places like New York, California, or Washington where cases have always been high, I believe that we should still continue to get more testing, social distance ourselves, and wear masks in most situations. But at the same time, states like these need to push forward future plans to start reopening places. Whether categorized by importance or slowly selecting certain sectors to ease back into, states like these need to make decisions soon for people to get behind. In places where workers are allowed back, people must follow rules on preventing close interaction the best they can.


It is very unfortunate to see California announce the extension of stay at home orders likely until August. From my perspective, I just don’t see how that can be a smart decision knowing the potential long-term damage and chaos that could cause. At least wait a little bit more until making a long-term decision based on short-term evolutions with this crisis.


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