Deep Dive 2020: Coronavirus in America (Community)


Westchester County and the surrounding New York Metro Area have statistically been the hardest hit area from COVID-19 in the world.

Chris Urban, Editor

As crazy as it is for me to say, it is true that our local community is at the heart of the biggest American health crisis in decades. We have been out of school since March 12th and the thought of even going back again never really crossed our minds. Our great senior class will likely not have a normal graduation, or if so, very delayed in timing. You can pretty much forget about prom and other classic senior traditions here at Rye. It is so unfortunate to say that a special senior class like ours was robbed of a normal send off into college. Nonetheless, it has been the utmost of importance that we stay home and prevent ourselves from any serious medical illness. Especially in a region of the country that has been impacted so much by this pandemic, I encourage that all people be more careful then you would think about your health. At the end of day, it is the most forgotten aspect of our lives, yet the most important.


It has been very cool to see our community recognize the health care heroes that are sacrificing themselves to save lives this entire time. Whether its been the 7 o’clock pot clanging, or the 12 o’clock car honking, it is essential that we continue to support our health care workers in any way possible. This Tuesday I even saw an aircraft message in the sky thanking our front line workers which was a very inspiring and necessary message.


Many local businesses in Rye have been hit hard by Coronavirus, an unfortunate reality that many of us have witnessed during this time. Places in Rye such as G.Griffin Wine & Spirits are mobilizing their sales through their “Wine Truck” which can be seen around town. Other examples include the Rye Roadhouse Restaurant performing delivery and curb side pickup as well as Jerry’s Post Road Market’s outdoor pick up in their parking lot. But for a place like Frank’s Barbershop in downtown Rye, COVID-19 has left them unable to operate on any level for several weeks. Businesses ability to adapt to the new environment around them has been crucial in maintaining their keep and stability for the future.


I recently received an email from, Rye’s youth employment service, about the Rye Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to encourage residents in helping support local businesses. At, you can donate to everyday businesses that need our help. I find it to be very important that the Chamber is stepping up towards encouraging commerce between us and our vital sellers at this time.


Westchester County and the New York Metropolitan Area will likely be last in current re-opening phases. Despite that, I feel that there has been moderate success in doing so in various other regions, which makes me believe that by June 1/early June there will be improvement in our area as well. Again, all we can do is play our part and hope for the best, but I have recently developed a strong belief that we are finally making some legitimate progress in fighting COVID-19.