Deep Dive: The Best Things I’ve Watched So Far On Every Streaming Service

Jake Creus, Senior Person

My quest for quarantine entertainment has reached a lull, as I look for my next bingeable documentary or show, however so far I have watched something on the 4 major streaming platforms, and all have satisfied me in different ways. Here are my picks of the best entertainment on each streaming service.


Tiger King is a must watch, even though everyone already has seemed to watch it. This is entertainment in its purest form, raw chaos filled with twists, turns, and everything one could ever ask for. This documentary quickly shifts gears between True Crime and Reality TV, and could easily be a spin off of the show “Trailer Park Boys”.  It is absolutely hilarious for the most part, and kept me focused in the entire time.


McMillions, a more serious documentary, was also pretty entertaining. The story of how one man rigged the McDonald’s Monopoly game is an interesting one, however it does lose steam by the end. While the story and portrayal is interesting, it has nothing on the craziness of Tiger King, and it’s slower pace may be difficult for some viewers.


I watched Parasite on Hulu, and it was 10/10. The subtitles were no obstacle, and the story and ending is amazing. This movie is scary, sad, funny and overall perfect in almost every aspect. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it, because this movie is a must-watch. It is easily the best thing I’ve seen so far.


Onward, the new film from Pixar follows a pair of brothers on their quest to see their deceased dad. It has it’s usual animated movie charm but it doesn’t do anything better than its predecessors and overall falls short of the standards I have for Pixar movies, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Overall, I cannot complain about the entertainment in quarantine. I have watched some great things and look forward to what’s to come.