Online extracurricular activities

Online extracurricular activities

Madeleine Larzul

Just like remote learning for school, there have been remote learning for extracurricular activities as well.
During the school year, I take ballet classes at a pre-professional conservatory called Ballet Des Amériques in Port Chester six times a week. Recently, the school has created a new remote learning program where the teachers teach via Google Meets. Although it is different from going to a class every day and receiving hands-on corrections, it is still beneficial since we continue our dance training together.  Additionally, I have found out from other students that they continue to practice their extracurricular activities online, such as contemporary dance, acting, track and field, piano lessons, and band.
I have asked a couple of students from different schools to share their views regarding what they think of their online extracurricular activity.

Emma Quinn who is an 11th grader at Rye High School explained to me how she practices her band assignments on her own, and once she finishes them, she sends a google form to her teacher to what she practiced on and how long she practiced for.  Emma says “ It would be better to do it in person, so we as a band can play together, but overall given the circumstances, I am fairly happy with this process.”

Sophie Magalhaes who is an 11th grader at Rye High School explains how she feels about her acting classes on Zoom: “ Acting class online is tough mainly because it is from 9 am until 6 pm, which is a long time to be on the computer, but we do a lot of meditative breathing and movement exercises which I enjoy and I always finish the class feeling calm and happy. The one thing we don’t get is to play rehearsal which is annoying, but apart from that, the zoom classes are beneficial given the current climate.”

Hannah Adler who is an 11th grader at Rye High School explains how she feels in taking her contemporary, jazz and tap lessons online: “It is weird to know that I am dancing at the same time with people, whom I usually share the same space with. It’s so hard to get pumped up as easily or dance as easily without my partners!”

Sarah Korn who is an 11th grader at Irvington High School explained to me how her track and field coach sends her and her teammates’ workouts that they must do. Sarah explains her views on the workouts: “I think the workouts are good to keep students active and engaged with other members of the team even though we can’t go to practice together.”

Finally, Elizabeth Wallace who is a 9th grader at Greenwich High School explains her views on taking piano lessons online. Elizabeth says “ I am not able to receive the same experience as being with the teacher, since the teacher cannot easily convey the emotion and fluctuations in the music, so it makes it harder for me to learn.”

Overall, the extracurricular activities seem to be going well online, but most people do miss doing their activity in person.