My Thoughts on the 2006 NHL Redraft

My Thoughts on the 2006 NHL Redraft

Emmet Carroll, Writer

Here we go again with another redraft. They actually posted this one before the 2007 one but I didn’t see it until now. Once again, I’ll be analyzing the top five picks and saying if I agree in the direction went. Here it is.


Jonathan Toews goes number one overall to the Blues

I almost threw up just thinking about Jonathan Toews playing for the Blues. Absolute nightmare fuel. I’d stop watching sports if this happened(maybe an over exaggeration but still a possibility). Putting my hatred for the Blues and my love for Toews aside, this is the clear right selection. They originally took Erik Johnson with the first pick and he had a solid career( has him going 10th overall in this redraft), but Jonathan Toews is a 3x Stanley Cup Champion(notice how I have to keep writing this with Blackhawks players because in case you forgot, Stanley Cup Champs in ’10, ’13, and ’15), the best captain in the world, Conne Smythe winner in 2010, Selke Trophy winner in the 2012-2013 season, and a gold medalist. Easy choice with the first pick, but I’m so glad it didn’t turn out this way.


Pittsburgh takes Claude Giroux with the second pick

I wouldn’t call this one a no brainer, but this is the correct choice for who should’ve gone second overall. Claude Giroux is so underrated it’s crazy. I’d definitely call him elite. The Flyers have been in and out of the playoffs over his career, but his production has remained consistent. The Penguins took Jordan Staal back in 2006, and he’s another guy who’s had a solid career and even won a cup in Pittsburgh, but Claude Giroux is the correct choice here.


The Blackhawks select Nicklas Backstrom at number three

This one’s a no brainer now that Toews and Giroux are off the board. Fortunately for me and every other Hawks fan, the Blues and Penguins passed on Toews and let him fall to us, but in this scenario I’d be happy with Backstrom. He’s an unreal passer and playmaker and has been a huge key to Alex Ovechkin’s success. That duo is lethal, especially on the power play. So, while I’m so glad Jonathan Toews is in Chicago,  2018 Stanley Cup champ Nick Backstrom will suffice in this alternate universe.


Phil Kessel goes to the Capitals with the fourth pick

Now here’s where I’m going to have to disagree with Phil has had a really good career and is one of the league’s best goal scorers. But to say that you’d take him over Brad Marchand is just a bad take. Marchand is the ultimate “love to have on your team but hate to play against” guy, and he produces on the offensive side as well. He’s on the shorter side but that has never stopped him. He’s part of the best line in hockey right now with Pastrnak and Bergeron, and he goes number four overall in a no brainer pick for me.


The Bruins take Brad Marchand with the fifth overall pick

Now this is ironic because the Bruins did end up taking Marchand back in 2006, but with the 71st pick. He’s off the board by now in my hypothetical redraft, and I’m actually going to go with a more random selection here but one that I think is correct in Semyon Varlamov. He’s extremely underrated and was a brick wall in Colorado, especially against the Blackhawks. Obviously the Bruins have had Tuukka Rask for a while now and he’s been a phenomenal franchise goalie, but I think Varlamov is the fifth best player in this draft and he should’ve been taken there.