Deep Dive: Critiquing Disney Plus

Jake Creus, Student

For the sake of my Deep Dive project into ways we can keep ourselves amused during this endless time, I decided to try Disney Plus’ free trial to see if the streaming service is “worth it”, even though this question depends purely on ones circumstances. Obviously, the content is all kid-friendly and If I were a parent of a young child right now, Disney Plus would be absolute class. However, as someone who doesn’t always want to watch a Disney movie, I can still say that the streaming service has several things to keep me occupied during these trying times.

The first thing I watched was the new film “Onward”, which was for Disney standards average however entertaining nonetheless. It had its moments, and definitely kept me captivated for the majority of the film (which is all you can ask for from someone like me). I rewatched several other movies already ingrained in my mind, most notably “Ratatouille” which is still as great as it’s always been. Movies like these will always entertain me because I haven’t watched them in so long.

All this being said, Disney Plus doesn’t have as much content as the other streaming services and whilst this may be because of how new it is, it doesn’t mean it’s not a negative. And, like the other streaming services, it has its fair share of unwatchable content.

I will not be renewing my subscription because anyone my age will be able to watch everything they want to in 7 days. In other words, Disney Plus is my Quarantine life-saver. Whilst the other streaming services have run dry, Disney has saved me once again, saving me from losing my mind for another 7 days.