My Thoughts on the 2007 NHL Redraft

My Thoughts on the 2007 NHL Redraft

Emmet Carroll, Writer

In an effort to keep fans entertained during these trying times, the NHL has been posting redrafts from the 2000’s. Basically, they’re taking the perspective we have now on these players and using it to decide who should’ve really gone top 10 in the draft. A few days ago they posted a 2007 redraft of the top 10, and I’ll be listing the first five picks below and saying if I agree or disagree.

The Blackhawks took Patrick Kane first overall in real life and in the redraft, and that was the best decision they ever made. It was between him and James van Riemsdyk back in 2007, and boy were their careers different. JVR isn’t a bad player by any means, but Kaner is a 3x Stanley Cup Champion, Conne Smythe winner in 2013, Calder Trophy winner, league MVP in 2016, scoring leader in 2016, and won the Ted Lindsay award in 2016. Oh, and he’ll go down as the best American born player ever. Next.

Flyers fans still complain to this day about the 2007 draft lottery, because they missed out on Patrick Kane and ended up with JVR. He’s had a solid career, but the redraft has them taking Jamie Benn and I agree with that. Benn has been a superstar in Dallas and there’s no question that looking back on it he’s been the second best player of this draft. has the Coyotes taking P.K. Subban in this redraft and they took Kyle Turris back in 2007. Neither of those are the right pick. Subban has had a really good career and he’s been a really good defenseman for Montreal, Nashville, and now New Jersey, but he’s not the third best player to come out of this draft. I think Jakub Voracek would be the pick here, as he’s a really good two-way forward that produces on the offensive end. Him and Sean Couturier both play that Selke-worthy style over in Philly, and Voracek should’ve gone third.

In this redraft, the Kings take Logan Couture 4th overall and Ryan McDonagh goes to Washington at 5. I’d swap those two, as they’ve both had really good careers but I think McDonagh was up there with the best defenseman in the league during his time with the Rangers, and he’s still a really productive player in Tampa. I have nothing against Couture because he’s had a phenomenal career as well, but I think McDonagh is the better pick here.