Deep Dive: Virtual Watch Parties?

Jake Creus, Senior

As I continue to dive into the world of quarantine entertainment, I stumble across an app called Netflix Party, which allows users to chat whilst watching a movie from Netflix. The idea is that you can watch movies with your friends even if they aren’t with you. Is this a perfect solution to a problem presented by the current circumstances or is this app actually a terrible idea? I decided to find out by watching a Netflix movie (review coming soon) with my friend.

As we sat through the movie, we couldn’t help but talk to each other, make jokes regarding the movie and by the end of it we were beyond confused. And that’s exactly why this concept won’t work. If I couldn’t understand what I was watching with one person on the phone, there’s just no way it would go any better with more people. Why I would ever want to watch a movie while theres a chat next to it going crazy with comments from others. Usually, I turn off my phone to watch a movie but this idea basically turns on your phone and raises the volume and makes it so that you have to read the chat.

It’s not a good solution to the problem we are all currently facing, which is that we can’t socially interact. It doesn’t add a fun new dimension to watching movies, nor does it feel like your with your friends. It just feels like your wasting your time.