Battle #1: Bon Appétit v Allrecipes


Abby Bozek

The first of many cookie battles. Here, we witnessed the battle between Bon Appétit and Allrecipes. One, quite a simple recipe that can be made quickly and swiftly. The other, a more complex recipe that requires a bit more time, but will this create a better outcome?  

The first recipe which I made was the one from AllRecipes. At first, I was shocked by the simplicity of this recipe, as it just contained the most basic ingredients: softened butter, flour, white sugar, light brown sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla, salt, water, and baking soda. This recipe took a negligible amount of time to make, but when combined my wet and dry ingredients one heavily outweighed the other. There seemed to be a significant amount of dry ingredients to the ratio of wet ingredients. Because of this, I took it on myself to add more water than allotted, and because of this, I was able to add the chocolate chips swiftly. Three-hundred and fifty degrees and ten minutes later, you’re left with about a dozen chocolate chip cookies (I cut the recipe in half) that resemble the color of sand. Simple and basic, I let that cookie cool while I went onto their competitor.


The recipe which would go head to head against AllRecipes was Bon Appétit. For this recipe, you simply started by adding all of the dry ingredients together and set them aside. Once that is done, you move onto my favorite part about these cookies: browned butter. Browned butter is to die for, and basically you put a certain amount of your butter to overheat on a stove for about four minutes and allow it to brown. After this, take it off the heat and add some pieces of softened butter to this mixture. Following this throw in your white sugar, dark brown sugar (which differs from the first recipe and makes for a more complex taste), vanilla and eggs. Combine the wet and the dry ingredients for a batter which differs from the look of the typical chocolate chip recipe, as it is much darker. Though after adding chocolate chips (the same amount as the first recipe), set the oven to three-seventy five, and stick them in for 10-15 minutes. What comes out is a delicious looking flat, gooey, scrumptious cookie. I then put all the cookies side by side. Yet I would not be the one to judge these, no. Seven individuals offered to judge, and with that, they filled a google form and rated each cookie.


On the google form each individual rated “Cookie #1” (Bon Appétit) and “Cookie #2” (AllRecipes) on a scale of one to ten. After all the results were in, Bon Appétit rated an average of 8.29, while AllRecipes rated an average of 6.29. This round the clear winner was Bon Appétit. The sweetness and complexity of the browned butter along with the dark brown sugar, just spectacular. Yet this battle is not over. This cookie may have won this round, but there are plenty of other battles to be won.

AllRecipes displayed on left, Bon Appetit displayed on the right