Kristin’s Picks | Volume Two

This is a collection of things I’ve come across people wearing/doing that I’ve been inspired by recently, and I hope you will be too. Here’s what I found during the week of 3/22/20-3/28/20 (~quarantine edition~). Enjoy!

1. Invest in a Teddy Jacket

Photo from Poshmark

This fuzzy “teddy” jacket is incredibly soft and can easily function as a blanket or pillow. It’s perfect to wear when it gets cold in your house, especially during quarantine right now. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I don’t take this thing off! I think most of my friends would say the same. I have two versions of this jacket, and I love them both. The BDG Carmella Reversible Hooded Teddy Jacket from Urban Outfitters is the closest thing to the thicker one I have, but at $59, it’s pretty expensive. Luckily, there are a ton of cheaper options out there, which are probably just as cozy! My other one is dark purple and looks almost exactly like this one from Amazon.

                                  2. Watch Tiger King

Photo from Forbes

If you haven’t heard of Tiger King by now, then where have you been? This Netflix original follows a man by the name “Joe Exotic” and some other big-cat-sanctuary owners who are even more wild than the animals. A disclaimer at the beginning of the show reveals that the producer stumbled on the whole story by coincidence when he encountered a man who had a snow leopard in the back of his truck. I won’t reveal anymore, but I think it’s safe to say that Tiger King is a documentary, drama, reality show, and murder mystery all in one.

3. Connect with Friends on Zoom

Sorry not sorry, but Zoom is definitely beats FaceTime when it comes to video-chatting a group. Signing up for Zoom is totally free, and you’ll be able to schedule a call and text the link to your friends from there. The one downside is that calls only last for a max of 40 minutes unless you pay for a premium account.

Important side note: no matter how you do it, make sure you’re staying connected with friends and extended family during this time. Social distancing is already hard, so don’t make it worse by not having face-to-face interactions with people you’d normally see everyday. Hearing your friend’s laughter will make you much happier than getting an “lol” over text.

4. Buy Clothes on Instagram 

Senior Cate McWilliam models a shirt for sale for @caternliversclothes on Instagram, run by she and fellow senior Olivia Mongillo.

Many young women have taken this time at home as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning by selling their lightly worn clothes on Instagram. If you’re feeling like you have tons of clothes in your closet that you don’t wear, why not follow suit? Or just take advantage of the amazing deals that are already happening! Most of them are asking for payments by Venmo, so make sure to set up an account before you start shopping.

           5. Stock up on Bananas

Photo from Healthy Liv

Why bananas, you ask? Not only are they are a healthy snack on their own, but they’re great for baking healthy-ish desserts. I’ve heard lots of complaints from friends and family saying that they “haven’t been eating as well” during quarantine as they normally would. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth but don’t want to overload on sugar, there’s so many good recipes for banana-themed desserts out there. Try any of these recipes for banana bread, banana muffins, etc., from Rachel Mansfield, or these super creative ones from Choosing Balance.