Different Ways to Pass the Time during Quarantine


Sydney Gager, Editor

Tired of binging Netflix? Here’s some different things to do during quarantine, hopefully these will be ideas for you. 

  1. Find a project. Whether it’s cleaning your room, making a photo book for your friends, knitting a scarf, or baking, anything to give yourself something to do will be exciting and pass the time.
  2. Learn a new skill. Similarly to number 1, learning a new skill is a great way to pass the time, but I’m putting it separate because you may want your project to be in something you already know how to do, because learning a new skill can be slow and potentially frustrating, but worthwhile in the end. Learn how to cook, practice your drawing, follow along with a makeup tutorial, etc. You can improve over time and show off your new skill when quarantine ends. 
  3. Listen to a podcast. Whether you listen as you take a social distanced walk, do your chores, play a game on your phone, or just sit and listen, podcasts are great. I’m currently working my way through the Multitude Podcasts (so I haven’t listened to all of them yet), which includes Potterless (a silly, sarcastic podcast about a guy reading Harry Potter for the first time), Spirits (a drunken discussion of myths), Horse (about everything in the NBA, except the basketball), and Join the Party (a DND, story-based podcast). If those podcasts don’t sound interesting, don’t worry. Whatever you want to hear, you can find it. Just search in your preferred podcasting app and I’m sure you’ll find something to listen to. 
  4. Learn something. With all the free time, now is your chance to finally take that online neurology class you always wanted to. Or talk to your parents (or call your grandparents) and get them to teach you what they know. You can even trade lessons–teach your grandparents algebra in return for them telling you about the history they lived through.
  5. Exercise. You don’t have to take this time to get a six-pack, but don’t sit on the couch for weeks either. Taking walks, going for runs, riding your bike, trying out some yoga, whatever exercise you prefer is great as long as you stay away from other people. 
  6. Find something new to watch. My dad and I have been enjoying marble racing. Yes, literal marbles just rolling in the sand. (And honestly I recommend it, it’s pretty entertaining). Spice up your Netflix binge with some shorter youtube videos or splicing in different Netflix shows, because the same show for hours does get boring. 

The biggest thing is to be creative. Vary what you do everyday and find something that excites you in between your Netflix binge and hours of schoolwork. And remember, if nothing seems fun, you can always call a friend. You’re not alone, we’re all quarantined, and we’re all super bored.