9 apps while on quarantine


Madeleine Larzul

While on quarantine, here is a list of apps you can download on your phone to keep you occupied. 

First, if you are bored during your day, here are the perfect apps to have fun with friends and family. 

Tiktok is an app where people post funny videos and dances that you can learn. Some people enjoy scrolling through the app and watching these videos, while others enjoy learning the dances during their day. 


PhotoRoulette is a fun app that chooses random photos from your camera roll where your friends have to guess who’s picture belongs to who in a short time. To play, you simply text your friends the code, so that they can join. 

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that can only be downloaded on Google Play. It is a fun app to use for watching movies and tv series with friends and families. All they have to do is join your party! 


If some of your friends and families don’t have an iPhone and want to contact you, House Party is the app you will need. With House Party, people can facetime with more than two people at the time while playing a trivia game online or another board game that is available on the app. 


To continue,  here are three apps you can use to stay healthy during your time at home. 

The three apps are Headspace, Ab workout, and Fabulous. 

If you are stressed out at home, you should spend some time breathing and meditation once or twice during your day. Headspace is a free app that brings you into this journey of meditation. 


If you want to work out at home, download the Ab workout app where they give you free workouts ranging from beginner to the advance level. The app has different abs workouts so that you don’t get bored doing the same workout every day.  

If you are looking to set some goals for yourself such as workout out, meditating, and stopping procrastination, download fabulous. Fabulous is an app where you build better health habits, and goals. 

Finally, here are two useful apps you can use during your quarantined time at home. 

First, if you are stuck at home watching movies and TV shows, this is the app for you. TV Time tracks what you watch, in making sure you haven’t missed any episode. Anytime a new episode comes out, TV Time immediately notifies you. I absolutely love this app because anytime I finish a season from a series, and I wonder when the next season/ episode will come out, the app tells you how many days it will be out. 


If you are looking to make extra cash, and empty out your closet, you should download Poshmark.  Poshmark is an app where you can sell and buy clothes. To sell clothes, it is simple, you just have to take a picture of your clothing and describe it. 

I hope that these 9 apps will help you during your quarantined time at home.