Albino Squirrel Brings Hope for 2020


Claire Killian

2020 has been three wild months of absurdity this far. A lot of that craziness, it seems, is apparently really bad. We almost went to nuclear war with Iran, Australia was on fire, Kobe died, the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy is becoming more active, Croatia suffered a devastating earthquake, and now we have the Coronavirus. With each passing day, it seems like things could not be more bizarre.

Naturally in times of crisis we hear beautiful stories about the triumphs of human kindness. Whether it is teachers going above and beyond to help their students in quarantine, or Italian opera singers serenading their town from balconies. That stuff is all well and good, albeit far removed from our town, but I would like to introduce you to one of the best parts of 2020. The albino squirrel.

While it seems like the four horsemen may be running rampant across the world, the only thing tearing up the town in Rye has been this little guy. He was first spotted in January by residents of Rye Gardens, most commonly found on Parkway Dr., just off of Boston Post Road. Since then, he has been intermittently watched by residents as he hunts for food, climbs trees, and hides from the ever-present threat of hawks.

As anyone who walks to and from school can attest, drivers in this town are not the most aware of the fauna skittering across the street, and roadkill is common. The obvious fear is that someone hits this amazing creature, killing it, and removing one of the coolest things in this town. 2020 has been brutal for everyone, but seeing this squirrel darting around yards, and up trees, brightens up the darkening world. I hope seeing this not-so-great picture helps to bring a bit of hope into your homes, and keep your eyes peeled!