What are the expectations of distance learning?


Sydney Gager, Editor

This piece is not a reflection of the entire Rye City School District. It is simply a discussion of my experience with distance learning so far. 

Are teachers supposed to give forty minutes of work plus homework? Are they supposed to give about forty minutes of work? 

I can’t give you the answer, because different teachers seem to have different answers. Some are giving four assignments a day while others simply require answering questions on a ten minute video. With each passing day, I feel more annoyed at the few teachers who are giving over an hour of work while everyone else gives half an hour or less. Is this fair? Shouldn’t teachers be giving the equivalent amount of work that they’d give in a regular school day? If so, then why are these teachers the minority? Don’t get me wrong–I already feel like I’m working all day, I don’t need (or want) more work. But shouldn’t someone have told the teachers how much work they’re supposed to give? Are teachers ignoring this instruction or are some teachers simply meaner than others? 

Also, can teachers please just make everything due at night? Don’t they know teenagers are sleeping in? What’s the benefit of making things due at noon or three pm when they can just as easily be due at 11:59 at NIGHT, to allow everyone to be productive at whatever time works best for them? 

And now that it’s the weekend, I’m confused. Why did most teachers decide to give me a break, but one teacher decided an assignment that will take at least an hour (but probably more) was what was needed this weekend? 

As AP’s are now getting changed–to an at home 45 minute test?!–it’s hard to tell if huge amounts of work are even necessary. If the tested material is being shortened, shouldn’t teachers be able to give us less work? Hopefully–since the announcement about the AP’s is new–this will be put into effect so that my whole day won’t be spent on AP classes. 

I respect that teachers are doing their best–and quite honestly it’s going much better than I expected–but I wish there was more regulation about how much work is expected.