Online AP Testing?


Due to the insane global pandemic happening right now, the CDC has recommended no groups larger than 50 for the next eight weeks, and several states in the U.S. have decided to close all of their schools for the remainder of the year.  Naturally, this leaves high school students everywhere wondering about what’s going to happen to the dreaded AP Exams, that normally take place during the first two weeks of May.

CollegeBoard recently made an announcement that there will be no face-to-face testing this year, and in place, they will offer at-home 45-minute online exams.  They will be entirely free-response and only include the units that “most AP teachers and students have already covered in class by early March.”  Students will reportedly still receive college credit for these exam scores, even if it may be unusual circumstances.  CollegeBoard states that AP Computer Science Principles and AP Capstone students have been sending at-home work as part of their exam, so they’re no stranger to the security and plagiarism programs that need to be put in place in order to prevent cheating.  It doesn’t state this an their website, but in Mrs. Taylor’s email to members of the school district she states that the exams will be open-notes, which would be incredible.

The news may be disappointing to some who’ve spent the whole year prepping for the 3+ hour exam and all the specific types of questions that come with it, and there are many concerns about how students without access to the internet will take their tests.  However, CollegeBoard ensures that they will invest in several forms of technology to make sure everyone has a device to take the exam.

Personally, I think this is amazing.  I would gladly accept any alternative to sitting in the gym for many, many hours taking an exam, especially if that alternative included sitting in my pajamas at home for barely longer than a typical class period.  I could be coming from a privileged viewpoint as a senior not really having to worry about my scores on this year’s exams, but I truly don’t think anyone should be worried since every single person is in the same situation(not to mention AP scores barely mean anything anyway).

CollegeBoard will be making another announcement on April 3rd, with all of the full details about the exams, including when the two different test dates for each exam will be, so maybe things will change by then.  As of now, I’m very excited about this news and it takes off a lot of stress surrounding AP testing.

Check out CollegeBoard’s announcement here: