Creativity is Thriving in Quarantine

Creativity is Thriving in Quarantine

Claire Killian

What is life like in quarantine? For some RHS students, liberating. Online learning has given us an unprecedented degree of freedom over our time and education. We can wake up with our normal alarms, or roll out of bed at eleven and still complete our work by the end of the day. We can learn in sweatpants, or jeans, in bed, or at a table, with snacks, music, and breaks. For the first time ever, we have the ability to customize our learning experience. 

As school has been shut down, and many sports cancelled or postponed, RHS students are also luxuriating in an amount of free time teenagers can often only dream of. While many of us are house-bound in selective semi-quarantine, we may find ourselves going stir-crazy. To ease the cabin fever, people all over the world are coming up with inventive, pandemic-safe activities. We’ve all seen the flash mobs and impromptu concerts from Italian balconies, and videos with creative ideas for activities are all over TikTok. Applications which allow groups of people to watch Netflix together, and have conversations while doing it, such as the chrome extension Netflix Party.

Many students are also finding times to pursue their own passions, things they didn’t have time for before. As sad as it sounds, it took a global pandemic to give kids the free time they need to explore the activities and interests they have an interest in. One sophomore has taken this opportunity to teach herself the guitar, while another is using it to brush up on her painting. Thanks to social media and the internet, isolation is a nonissue. Everyone is texting, snapchatting, and facetiming, keeping their social lives strong in the face of isolation. 

For the next two weeks it will be interesting to see how the community reacts. Will the novelty of online learning wear off? Will we roll right into finals wildly unprepared? There are dozens of logistics to work out, but for the time being it seems like this is a relaxing and experimental time for students.