Sophomore’s Initial Impressions on Online Learning

Sophomore's Initial Impressions on Online Learning

Abby Bozek

The announcement of at-home learning emerged this past weekend, and despite most students previously being excited for this that is far from the reaction the class of 2022 expressed. Many worried about changing their grades, the efficiency of online learning, what this means for spring break (whether or not we will still have it), and what this means for spring sports. As well as this, many worried about what was upcoming due to the fact that despite some prep work on the district’s part, when it came down to actually shutting down the school many felt unprepared. Nobody knew what to do, what their upcoming plans were, and many were even confused by what day this new way to learn started on. The easiest thing, which the majority of sophomores did, was to just watch google classroom for any announcements about what to do.


At this moment, most sophomores are just following whatever instructions get thrown our way. This could be a slideshow posted on google classroom, a small lesson plan, or a video explaining a new subject area. The majority of us have yet to be introduced to google hangout in any class, and I have to be grateful for that. Still, most sophomores were, to put it lightly, a confused wreck when this came to our knowledge of being a reality. One sophomore noted in the class of 2022 group chat, “Haha this is a disaster.” That perfectly sums up the sophomore’s reaction to this shift to online learning.


As of now, we are only at the beginning of our online learning journey. As a matter of fact, I am writing this during my “first period” of online learning, and it is quite odd to not be at school writing this article. It truly is astonishing how fast our community turned from being aware of the coronavirus, to fighting against it.