Hufflepuff is Underrated


Sydney Gager, Editor

Before explaining Hufflepuff’s many amazing traits, I want to take a moment to address the treatment of Hufflepuffs in the source text. As Maddy Saffer put it, Hufflepuffs are “overlooked and forgotten.” The one Hufflepuff we know is Cedric who is “in one book and killed. Which sure, was to make a statement that all the nice guys don’t ever get what they deserve. But after Cedric there’s nobody else.” Is Maddy implying J.K. Rowling says nice guys finish last? She is! She explained, “if they’re not last they’re forgotten or ignored. But it’s ok they don’t need the credit. That’s because they don’t want it. Cuz that’s the essence of hufflepuff. We do things because we need to help others and we don’t expect any recognition or anything in return and that’s ok.”

I think it’s time we stop treating the Hufflepuffs as a vessel to insult nice guys and instead realize how amazing they are. Hufflepuffs are kind, loyal, empathetic, and hard working. While society may place more value in ambition, intelligence, or bravery, in reality Hufflepuff traits are the most admirable because their traits are built around (and for) other people. 

Now I may be slightly biased, but Hufflepuffs are the best friends to have in the world. Whether it’s just complimenting you or surprising you with a gift, Hufflepuffs are always looking out for you. Unfortunately, this means they often aren’t looking after themselves. Hufflepuffs are most often ignored primarily because of their kindness–they aren’t tearing into battle or scheming to get ahead the way other houses do. They’re trying to create the best possible world for the most people. This is noble, but often it’s to their detriment. They need some of that Slytherin self-care to balance out their self-sacrificing tendencies.

Additionally, they’re loyal to a fault. This means that other houses often take advantage of them. While we never see evil Hufflepuffs (because that’d be too complex for kid books, I guess), all the houses have the potential for good and bad. Hufflepuffs reason for evil would still be pretty noble, Maddy put it nicely, “The only reason a Hufflepuff would ever be swayed to evil is because all of the people they care about are evil and they’re trying to protect them or protect someone they love. They’re the classic misguided evil archetype I think.” While evil Slytherins are self-serving, evil Ravenclaws are know-it-alls with flawed reasoning, and evil Gryffindors are headstrong and violent, Hufflepuffs would still be loving. Even the worst Hufflepuff would still be more moral than your typical member of any other house. 

So other than kind, empathetic, and loyal, the final Hufflepuff trait is hard-working. In my experience, Hufflepuffs are more likely than Ravenclaws to have good grades. While a Ravenclaw gets easily distracted, Hufflepuffs value hard work and will feel guilty if they don’t complete every assignment. When Hufflepuffs commit to something (school or otherwise) they don’t do it halfway. This is why they’re so loyal, they take their commitments seriously. They also expect their friends and peers to do the same, which is why Hufflepuffs can be judgemental of slacking classmates and angry with (or passive aggressive towards) flakey people. 

Hufflepuffs have flaws just like the rest of us, but in general they’re probably the best house. (And if you’re mad about it, just remember that I’m Gryffindor, so I’m mad about it too.) Hufflepuffs are the best friends, the hardest workers, and the kindest people. They deserve way more credit (and attention) than they get in Harry Potter. But at least we have Newt Scamander.  

I’ll be interviewing the most Hufflepuff-y Hufflepuff, the sorting hat herself: Maddy Saffer. Of course Maddy will back up my article as she was the inspiration for it, but she’ll have more nuggets of knowledge since she’s an actual Hufflepuff and I’m not. 

Remember to thank your Hufflepuff friends, remind them to take better care of themselves, and tell them that their house (although underrated) is truly the best.