How Prepared is Our District for At Home Schooling?


Abby Bozek

School at home: something that seems foreign and exotic to any child of the public school system. But just how luxurious is it? And, with this sudden outbreak of coronavirus in our community, how prepared is our district to launch us into learning at home. 


As most of us know, the district itself doesn’t decide whether or not our school closes (due to the fact that it’s a public school in New York state). In order to close, orders would have to come from the NYS Board of Education, NYS Board of Health, and or the Governor’s office. Because of this, the announcement of our closure may come suddenly and out of nowhere. And in this situation, where would the school find itself? In an okay place, where teachers would simply assign us work from google classroom to be done and questions could be asked to the teachers at any point during school hours? Would we need to join google hangouts for some, all, or none of our classes and for how long? For classes such as gym, what would happen? Would there still be homework? How would tests work? All of these questions flood my head with rumors of a quarantine. 


Personally, I haven’t heard much about how our new school schedule would operate but at my position of being in Web Journalism, I have found that I have more information than the average individual. Despite not knowing our schedule exactly, I understand the basis of it. You wake up a little before eight, head onto the device of your choice, and tune into either google classroom or a google hangout to see the work for your classes. Whether or not it would go in the order of your classes that a student typically goes through or if the teachers will simply throw all the work at us at once and say “hizzah” baffles me. I’m sure this will easily become clear if a quarantine occurred by a simple email, but I still am quite confused about how this will work and not convinced that the transition would be smooth. 


Another prominent question which ravels in my mind is simple yet complex: tests and quizzes. For subjects such as science, a simple Castle Learning may be the solution. But what about some AP classes, like AP World. I personally have an AP World test at some point next week, and I have no clue how this is going to be handled. Will it be sent out, and individuals would be held to the honor system? Sadly, almost any student cannot be held to this. Would we shift to a new online program that assigns tests which we are not aware of? Yet almost every time which we try a new system there is some problem with the new technology, whether it be passwords or the assignment just not being there. 


Ultimately, with the week coming to a close, a quarantine is seemingly on the horizon, and students (as well as teachers from what I can see) are left with more questions than answers. Even if we end up not being quarantined, it may be for the best if the district would create a hypothetical plan and share it with both teachers and students. This will surely calm down the few of us who are concerned with the new dynamics which seem to be upcoming.