The Bachelor Finale: Review


Pilot Pete’s season is over, and people are saying he’s probably one of the worst bachelors to date.  Chris Harrison, in keeping with his typical dramatic self, stated in the promos time and time again that this was the “most dramatic season finale ever” and that he “doesn’t even know how it’s going to end.”  However, I’m not impressed.

We start the episode with Hannah Ann’s meeting of Peter’s parents, and we’re introduced to Peter’s mom, Barbara.  Let me just say, Barbara has now become even more hated than Peter, mostly due to her strange obsession with Hannah Ann, and psychotic-helicopter parent hatred of Madison.  Hannah Ann doesn’t even do that well during her conversations with Peter’s family, and yet they seem to think she is some angel sent from heaven to marry Peter.

We all know the drama that happened with Madison during the fantasy suites episode, and she was praised by Bachelor fans for her ability to stand up for herself and protect her beliefs.  However, Barbara had her own thoughts about the situation.  One minute, she was full-on attacking Madison for being way too religious for Peter, and the next she’s telling Peter she “prayed all night for him to make the right decision.”  Makes ABSOLUTELY no sense.

Next, Madison starts the decline of the episode by breaking up with Peter.  This wasn’t completely out of left field, as she already dramatically exited one time before.  However, Madison was a huge crowd favorite, and this left Hannah Ann to pretty much win by default.  The entire long portion of the episode in between Madison leaving and the eventual breakup with Hannah Ann was pretty much wasted time to me.  Nothing special there.

After the breakup, Chris Harrison clearly felt he had to salvage what he could of the season by intervening and going to talk with Madison.  They tried to make it a Hannah B. and Tyler C. type situation by bringing her out at the live show, but the attempt was sad, disappointing and made me forget any positive thoughts I had about Madison. Yeah, she was completely attacked and insulted by Barbara, but honestly, that was one of the only entertaining parts of the finale.

Barbara is a complete psychopath, which is a strong indicator as to why Peter made such horrible relationship decisions throughout the season, and I think this should be a sign to the producers to think twice about who their future bachelor and bachelorette choices are.  Investigate the families.  I doubt Madison and Peter will last longer than a month, if that, and I’m disappointed.  Do better Peter.  Do better Barabara.