Could professional sports be suspended in the US?


A basketball game being played with no fans in attendance.

Charlie Abt

Could sports actually be canceled or temporarily be suspended in the US? This idea had been circulating for a while and many people don’t seem to think it will happen, but the chance is clearly increasing. In Italy, they have suspended all sporting events until at least April 3rd and in Japan, the Nippon Professional Baseball, which was to begin its season on March 20th has postponed the start of its season. While these two countries have been hit harder by the Coronavirus, the US is making similar moves that were made by Italy before they ultimately suspended play, as of yesterday, March 9th, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS all announced they had banned all media from the lockerrooms in an effort to protect the players. This could eventually lead all games to be played without fans, something the NBA is already looking into. I would be very surprised if they suspended sports in the next month, however, this time next month, depending on the spread of the Coronavirus, we will have a better idea of what is to come.