TikTok Has Ruined My Screen Time


Abby Bozek

Until about a week or two ago, I held off on downloading TikTok. My friends may have called me crazy, or been surprised when they realized I didn’t have it, but I never contained the urge to download it. That is, until a week or two ago. It was a Friday night that I told myself “Whatever, I’ll just download it”. I didn’t think that it would mess with my screentime much as I mainly spent my free time on my iPad watching Youtube or Netflix. That is until I started scrolling. I don’t know-how, and I don’t know why, but looking at last week I spent twenty-two hours and eighteen minutes on TikTok. 


Now there are two different thoughts you may be thinking. If you are a student, you probably aren’t surprised. If you are a facility member/anything but a teenager in high school you may be shocked. Just as shocked as I was. I mean, this must have been the amount of time that I was spending on my iPad anyway, but I haven’t picked that thing up in weeks now that I just spend my time scrolling through the for you page, laughing at really stupid jokes. And I need to just say sorry to one of my friends, Zoe, for sending her random TikToks late at night. Don’t worry though, I have kept up on my sleep schedule (mainly because I take melatonin every school night in order to fall asleep). 


This begs that question, is this the average time spent on this app? Is it more? Is it less? I have a normal high school schedule; I go to school, do my homework, then go to my extracurricular. Where do we, as teenagers, find this much time for such activities as TikTok? Now according to Oberlo, the average user spends about fifty-two minutes on the app a day. Yet this does not compare to the amount I spend on this app, which ranges from one to three hours. Is this a problem? Yes. Should I attempt to limit my screentime? Yes. But for now, I am going to enjoy my funny dog videos on the ‘for you’ page.