Lake Erie Houses are Covered in Ice

These houses make it look like we walked into a scene of Frozen

Residents living along the shore of Lake Erie in New York woke up with a surprise that has never been seen before. The residents that live at Hoover Beach in Hamburg woke up to find an ice coating all over their houses. For the past eight years, there have been ice coatings before, but not like this. This time it happens to look like the movie Frozen came to life and Elsa came to visit the town. Unfortunately according to local meteorologists, Elsa didn’t pay a visit but given the warmer winter we’ve had, it has allowed the waves of Lake Erie to get larger. The waves being bigger and the storm having the spray coming off the lake for 16-18 hours under 50mph winds, caused the house to be completely covered. Since the lake is usually covered with ice during the winter this has never happened. Residents are starting to worry that 1 to 3 feet thick ice will cause lots of damage to their homes and are hoping that damages will be covered by an emergency declaration from the governer. The ice has started to melt but people still have to pry their doors open, because the ice is holding it shut.