NYS banned plastic bags

NYS banned plastic bags

Madeleine Larzul

Since 2001, there have been sixty countries around the world that have banned the use of plastic bags. For the past few years in the United States, new states have passed the law. The first state that passed the law was California, then Maine, Delaware, Connecticut, Oregon, Vermont, and Hawaii. New York State’s law against plastic bags has now had an effect since the beginning of March 2020. Plastic bags must be banned in stores as it contributes to our environment. 

plastic bags in Dankha, Bangladesh

When we use our plastic bags in stores, most of them are not recycled but are found in oceans or on islands such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the North Atlantic Garbage Patch. Both Garbage Patch includes a pile of plastic, including bottles, bags, wraps, and containers. They pollute our oceans including the sea animals living there. In 1997, a sailor and explorer called Charles Moore was shocked to discover the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which covered a 1.6 million square pile of garbage.

Garbage in the Pacific Ocean

These Garbage Patches shouldn’t be there, so we must stop the use of plastic soon or it could get worse. The ban on plastic bags is the first step to help the environment, but we must start to ban other plastic usage such as the use of plastic bottles, and wrappers in supermarkets.