NFL Mock Draft: First Five Picks

NFL Mock Draft: First Five Picks

Charlie Abt

With the NFL Combine now over, that means it’s draft season. This year’s class appears to have locks at the top two picks. The only thing that could change the two picks would have to be a trade. Here are my predictions for the first five picks of the upcoming draft.

#1 Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow, LSU

Burrow, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, was the top quarterback in the country last year and he helped lead LSU to a National Championship victory of Clemson. Burrow is the top quarterback in this year’s class and will use that to vault him towards the number one overall pick. Assuming that Cincinnati doesn’t trade the pick or he pulls an “Eli” and forces the Bengals to trade him, Burrow will be the number one pick and return to his home state of Ohio.


#2 Washington Redskins: Chase Young, Ohio State

Young is the best player in the class and has the potential to dominate in his rookie year. If the Bengals didn’t have such a glaring need at quarterback, then Young would almost certainly be the pick at number one. Even though he was suspended for two games, he still managed to lead the country in sacks and finished third in the Heisman voting.


#3 Detroit Lions: Jeffery Okudah, Ohio State

This could be a place where the Lions look to trade down, but if they don’t they need a cornerback to help their bad secondary, and Okudah is the best corner in the draft. Okudah looks to be next in line of the great Ohio State cornerbacks in the NFL. He not only fills a need, but he could also be a replacement for their top cornerback, Darius Slay, who could be traded this offseason.


#4 New York Giants: Isaiah Simmons, Clemson

Isaiah Simmons is a do it all-defensive player, he will be listed as a linebacker, but he plays all over the field. Last year for Clemson, he played linebacker, safety, cornerback, and defensive lineman and showed that he can be a significant contributor all over the field as he produced, including 16.5 tackles for loss, 8 sacks, and 3 interceptions. The Giants could easily go lineman, but their talent is so depleted, especially on defense, and they need to take the best player available.



#5 Miami Dolphins: Tua Tagoviloa, Alabama

The Dolphins needs a franchise quarterback and Tua could be that guy for them. If he isn’t fully healthy before the start of next season, they can start Ryan Fitzpatrick and give Tagoviloa the time to health, develop, and get fully acclimated with the offense. It has long been rumored that the Dolphins were tanking for Tua, especially after the stripped their roster last season, even though they won’t be getting him at number one like many thought, they will still get their guy. Tua has a ton of talent and could very well become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and the Dolphins need to take that risk even with his spotty injury history.